Summer camp

Julie goes on summer camp with her best friends. On camp she meets 5 boys, or one direction. It's a camp without a monitor, just 5 girls and boys who have fun. Julie and her friends falls for the boys and the boys for them. But do they fall for the same guy or girl? If that happens will everything turn out? Or do they fall for a different boy or girl each? If you wanna find out then you'll have to read my movella.


3. First day of camp

The rest of the ride is full of our voices. We're talking about the craziest things. Right now we're talking 'bout carrots. Then the van stops. "We're here!!!" I yell. "Yeah, Julie, we figured that out!" Lisa says. I stick my tongue out to her. She does the same thing.


When we all got out of the van, we walk to the camp. I see a women stand by a table. She's on the phone. We stand there akwardly by the entrance. She hangs up the phone and sees us. She waves and gestures that we should come to her. We take our bags and step to her. Then I see five boys step to her to, I guess that are the boys? I can't really see them because they have sunglasses on. But I seem to recognize them from somewhere. Nah, I don't think so. We're almost by the table where the women stands.


The women starts to talk. "Hello, everybody! Well, I'm Kelly, your monitor person, I don't know how to say it" I raise my hand. "Yes?" "I tought this was a camp without a monitor?" I ask. The others all say yeah. "Well, yes it is but I'm the person you can call when somethings wrong, the person who looks after you but isn't here. Do you get it?" "Yes, thank you." I say. "Well, I'm gonna give you a little tour." she says and begins to walk. We all walk behind her.


She shows us that there's a pool here, a trampoline, football(soccer for the Americans) goals and a vollyball net. Then we come to a little house. But it's kinda big to. "Well, this is your house. You know you will be sleeping in tents, but this is a house without bedrooms. There's a bathroom, a kitchen, a washroom, a livingroom and a basement." She opens the doors and we go in.


We enter a little kitchen with a big fridge and a big freezer. "Well, this is the kitchen, c'mon let's go to the bathroom." We got to the bathroom and the washroom. Then we got to a staircase. "This staircase leas to the liningroom." Kelly says. We got upstairs and there's a big, gorgeous livingroom.


There's a big sofa and two love seats, a big dining table with 10 chairs, a bookcase, a fire place and a beautiful chandelier. There's also a big plasma tv. It's perfect. "OMG, this is amazing" I whisper to myself. "I know" one of the boys whispers back. Did he hear that? I need to stop talking to myself.


"Well, boys and girls, this was the tour, now we only need to know with who you will share a tent." " I tought we could pick our own." Iman asks. "Yes, but there would be one girl and boy who would have to share a tent, so we decided you all have to share a tent with a boy or girl so it's fair." Kelly says. "Well, sounds good to me!"one of the boys says with a cheeky grin. We all laugh, but Kelly doesn't. "What's so funny?" she asks. "Nothing!!" I say between laughs. "If nothings funny then c'mon."she says while walking outside.


We go back to the table and stand in a row. She puts two big bowls on the table with papers in it. "This is how we pick those who share a tent. Now let's start." She rufles in a bowl and pick out a card. "Harry. Step forward!" she says. She rufles in the other bowl. "And Julie!" I step forward to. "You will share the middle tent. Harry took his sunglasses of to take his bags. Now I see him good. OMG, it's Harry Styles. The rest of the boys must be One Direction then. I look at the girls. They all look shocked, yeah they noticed.


I go get my bags to and got to the tent. I get in and place my bags on the ground. Thank God the matrasses are separated. Then Harry enters the tent. "Hi, I'm Harry! I guess we'll be sharing a tent." "Yeah, I'm Julie and I guess that you're cheeky!" I say. He laughs a bit. "Why do you think that?" he asks. "Well, don't cha know what you said in the house?" "Yes, I do." "Well, that's what I mean." "Ohh, I get it!" "Well, good for you!" I say with a cheeky grin. He winks at me. Wait, wait, wait! Am I flirting with THE Harry Styles and is he flirting with me???


We got out of the tent back to the others. I go to my girls. "And in wich tent are you guys?" I ask. "Well, I'm in the last tent with Louis!" Olivia says exited. "Okkaay, calm down chiken!" I say to her. (Yes, we say chiken to eachother, but who cares?) "I'm in the tent on the right of yours, with Niall." Lisa says. "Okay, what about you Annelaure?" "I'm in the one on the left of yours with Zayn!" "Good for you, babe! And Iman I guess your in the first one with, uuuhm Liam?" "Yep!" We all begin to laugh.


"It's getting late, so I'm gonna get going, okay?" Kelly says. "Okay, Bye, Kells" I say to her. "Kells?" "Yep, I like to give people nicknames!" I say. "Ohh, okay! Bye Jules!" she says and we laugh. She goes to her car and waves to us we all wave back. Now it's just us and One Direction!


"I'm gonna get ready for bed."I say to my friends. "I call dibs on being the first to use the bathroom!" I yell so the boys could hear. They all turn to me and start to laugh. "What I'm to first!" I yell. "No you aren't!" Harry yells back and runs to me. "Yes, I am!!! Wanna race?" All the boys and girls come to us. "Harry, you better just let her go first 'cause she can run!!!!" Olivia yells. "We'll see then!" he yells back. "Your choice!!" I say and put my hand up in surrender. "Ohh it's on!" he says. "Kay!"


I run to our tent and grab al my stuff that I need and he does the same. He runs out of the tent before me, but I will catch up with him! I quickly get all my stuff and run out of the tent. I catch up with him in no time. I run as fast as I can and arrive first by the bathroom. I quickly got in and lock the door. I brush my teeth and put my pj's on.


I hear someone running in the house and try to open the door. It's Harry. I hear him sigh. I open the door to see him stand there, panting. He looks like he's in pain. Then I see that his pants are torn and he has a bruise on his knee. "Harry?" He looks at me, he has to look down a bit because I'm like a head shorter. "Yes?" he says. "What happend?" I ask. "I fell while I was running." "Ohh, you poor thing! Does it hurt a lot?" "No just a little bit." "Then try to walk." He tries to walk and he stil can walk. "Good, you can walk. C'mon I will get the first aid kit." "Okay!" He walks with me to the kitchen.


"Sit on the table." I say while I get the first aid kit. I go to him. I got the disinfection and put a little on his knee. While I do that his face scrunches up. "Does it stings a bit?" I ask. "Yes!" he answers quick. I laugh a bit. I get a patch and stick it on his knee. He looks relieved that it's over. "You allright?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm relieved that it's over!" "Yeah, tought so." We walk back outside, to the others. They all ask what happend and Harry explaines everything. I say goodnight to everyone and go to sleep. Harry does the same and walks with me to our tent.


I try to sleep but I just couldn't. I get up and get my boo and my glasses. I got out of the tent and head of to the house. I quickly grab a bag of cookies who was sitting on the counter and go upstairs. I sit on the sofa and put my glasses on. Now I can start reading. I'm so up in my book that I didn't hear someone get upstairs.


Harry's p.o.v.


I wake up and try to sleep again but I just can't. I turn to see Julie not here. Maybe she's at the house. I get up and go to the house. I go upstairs to see Julie sitting on the sofa, reading a book. "Can't sleep?" I ask. She scares a bit of me and turns around. "Yeah, you?" she asks with her beautiful voice. "Same here." I say and she giggles. She's so adorable when she giggles. Now I notice that she's wearing glasses. Wow, she rocks glasses!


"What are you reading?" "Before I die by Jenny Downham." "Oh, that's a beautiful book!" "Yes it is!" she anwsers a bit surprised that I know the book. "How do you know the book?" she asks. "Well, my sister had it so I've read the book." "Oh, okay." She took her glasses of and closes her book. "What do you wanna do?"she asks. "Well what about, 20 questions to know eachother better?"I ask. "Okay" We both sit on the ground and begin to play.



What do you think of my story so far? Do you know the book Before I die? Well I love that book! I would really like it if you say something about my movella!


Lots Of Love,

Julie <3<3<3<3<3<3

~Be yourself and don't change~


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