Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


18. the hotel

Daisys P.O.V


Me and niall are still dating. But I still haven't fully gotten over louis. Him and elenor sucking faces like every 5 min doesn't help. "Hey Daise?" "Ya NiNi?" "umm... do you..... want to go on tour with me?" "YESSS I DO!" I gave him a big hug and kiss then yelled "I GOTTA GO PACK" ater i packed all my clothes in one bag and shoes in the other, i put my electronics in a carry-on and bathroom stuff in a back-pack and i was ready. "Hey babe, when are we leaving?" "two weeks."

*2 weeks later*

We were on the plane to California. I was sitting beside niall, harry beside sydney, Oh! Sydney and harry were dating now they've been dating for a year. Liam sat beside paul because 2 weeks ago him and danielle broke up and zayn was sitting beside perrie. I've gotten very close to sydney and perrie we're like really good friends now. Elanor? Not so much, its kinda awkward when its just me and her. Louis and Elanor were sitting farther away from us, somewhere in first class. I woke up from my sleep when Niall shoke me. "Daise Daise wake up were landing" "ugh 5 more minutes mom" Niall just laughed. Then i just kissed his cheek. I saw Louis staring so i kissed him on the lips for like 10 seconds. When i looked at louis he had a tear dripping down his eye. Wait why was he crying? He's the one that hooked up with some girl and cheated on me while I was in a stupid coma. I decided to stay put and let him suffer. He is the one that broke my heart so now its payback. I snuggled up to Niall and kissed his cheek. I felt a huge bump and I screamed. Niall put his arm around me and whispered "We just landed.." "Oh I knew that!" I laughed nervously. He chuckled and shook his head. We got off the plane and I litteraly dropped on my knees and kissed the ground yelling "OH MY GOSH! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY!!" Niall laughed and helped me up. People were looking at us like we are on crack or something. "So immature." I heard Louis say to Elenor. "Oh you think I am immature? What about yourself?" I retorted angrily. "Settle down you two!" Liam yelled at us. He grabbed me and Niall's arms and pulled us to the exit with everyone else following. "STOP!" Sydney screamed. We all turned around to see her sprinting back to the plane. "WAIT!" Harry yelled after her. He ran after her and had a worried look on his face. "You guys stay here! Im going too!" Zayn told us jogging after Sydney and Harry. "Hey? Wha?" Perrie asked confused. She walked over to us and began chartting with us.

***2 hours later***

We saw Sydney coming back with Harry holding her hand and Zayn trailing not too far behind. "You guys took forever! Im hungry!" Niall pouted. I reached into my Cheetah print purse and passed him leftover Nando's. He grabbed it and began shoving it into his mouth. "Thanks baby!" He managed to say and we all walked to the limo waiting outside. There were two seprate Limo's so me and Niall went into one limo with Harry and Sydney, Meaning the others took the other limo. The drivers stuffed our bags into the trunks and we were off to our hotel. About 30 minutes later we came up to our hotel. It was a high-rise hotel, 5-star one too. It was called Grand Inn. We all checked in and we were all on floor 47. We jumped into the elevators and went up. It took like 10 minutes so Elenor and Louis were having a hard-core make-out. Liam already tryed to make them stop, but Louis just punched him in thre nose causing a nosebleed. We finally got to floor 47 and me and Niall were sharing a room with Liam because we didn't want him to be left out. Perie and Zayn had a room with Louis and blahh sharing one. We got into the hotel to find that we had the special celebrity rooms. I like the sound of that! Liam called the room with the queen sized bed so we got the king sized bed. We unloaded our things and went into the dining room because Liam had cooked us dinner. After we went to bed because the boys had their first concert tommorow night.

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