Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


2. School

 Daisys P.O.V 

 My alarm just sadly woke me up. "UGGHHH". But gladly there is only three more days until christmas/new years break. "DAISY WAKE UP YOU OVER SLEPT" screamed my dad. My dad is my only family since my mom..... passed away. I dont like to talk about it, though. I quickly put on my tan pants a wavy pink tank top and light pink cardigain. I ran downstairs and great no time or breakfast because the bus is here. "Bye Dad love you!" I run outside and jump on the bus. I sit beside in my usual sit beside melissa. "Whats up CHIKAAA?" Melissa does NOT care who's watching she'll scream like there's no tommorow! I wish i was confident like that. But i'm really not. We pull up to school and walk out of the bus. When i walk in the school there are the occasional snickers and laughs but, when i walk by Miranda i get pushed in a locker. So a typical day. Thank god Melissa was there "HEY HEY HEY SCHOOL DIDN'T EVEN START YET THATS ENOUGH" "thanks melissa" i muttered under my breath. "UGHH DID THE WITTLE BABY NEED HELP FROM HER MOMMY?" then thankfully the bell rang. The rest of the day was really boring. "hey do you wanna come over?" asked melissa. "Nah, i have homework" a lie i finished it all in homeroom. I just needed time alone.

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