Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


25. new life

Sydney's pov:

"HARRY!" I screamed. I felt a sharp in my ribs and shoulder. I looked and saw my rib cage bandaged up. I went to look at my left arm but saw nothing. My right arm flew up to my mouth and I saw just my shoulder. "HARRY! HARRY!" I screamed as loud as i could. I burst into tears and screamed his name over and over. I heard footsteps rush into and hold me down. "NO! HARRY! HELP ME!" I screamed. A needle injected into my right arm and I settled down immedietly. Daisy and Niall walked in and she sunk into Niall's arms at my sight. "Oh. My. God. yo-yo-your arm!" She stuttered and burst into tears burrying herself in Niall. "I know..." I said weakly. "Where's everyone else?" I asked. "Coming" Niall said and patted my head with a small smile. Everyone else walked in and gasped. I felt a rush of tears come and fall down my hollow face. Daisy came and tied my hair into a ponytail. I gave her a smile and finally everyone hugged me. "I can't believe I let this happen to you.." Louis said into my shoulder. "Its not your fault boo" I whispered into his ear. He was the best-not-my-brother-brother I ever had. Zayn hugged me and kissed my cheek. "You'll get through this.. you are the stongest girl ever" He smiled. I smiled and kissed his stubbly cheek back. Liam just hugged me. No words. I knew what he meant. "Where's Harry? I need to talk to him" I stated. "Uh, he's in coma.." Liam trailed off. "WHAT!? Will he wake up? Is he okay? Is he stable? Is his heart rate normal? Did he loose too much blood? WHERE IS HE!" I roared, firing questions at them. "Uh, we don't know, yes, yes, somewhat, a bit too much and he is down the hall" Niall answered. Daisy giggled then stopped once she saw my facial expression. I started ripping the tubes from my body and started getting up. "WOAH!" Zayn yelled and ran to me. He pushed me back onto the bed and I bit him hard. "OUCH!" He yelled. Louis stepoped forward and sat on my legs. "HEY!" I protested angrily. "GET A DOCTOR!" Daisy yelled and sent Liam sprinting away to fetch a doctor. "Get off me!" I groaned in annoyance. "No" he repiled. "I need to see Harry!" I said truthfully. "I know you do. You will, just not today." A doctor came in and settled me down. Again.

                                                                                               ****3 weeks later****

"Okay you can stand now!" Louis said with a grin. "okay" I said biting my lip, holding back a smile. "Now, this will be very strange because of the balance issue" The doctor said. Daisy nodded and held Niall's hand in excitment. Zayn was helping me also while Liam was sitting with Dase and Ni. I swung my legs onto the ground and used my right arm to prop myself up. My right arm was my weak arm, so this was harder than I thought. I closed myand let out a long sigh. I opened my eyes and made my first attempt. I could barely push myself up. "Frick" I muttered. After about 45 minutes I finally stood up. I started walking around and kept on almost falling. I got the hang of it in about 4 hours, and I was walking like nothing ever happened before.



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