Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


14. LOUIS!


Daisys P.O.V

Since me and Louis are a couple now we decided to go on a official date. We are going to a casual resteraunt or something. Louis is picking me up at 7:00 and it is 6:00 right now. I have NO time to get ready so i decide on a knee length purple dress and jean jacket with my light blue toms, i straighten my hair and put on my infinite necklace and heart earings. When i was done it was 7:00 and lou still wasn't here. At 7:05 lou was here. He was looking really cute. He was wearing his blue striped shirt red jeans and the same toms as me.  "wow Daisy you look great!" "So do you Lou!" when we got in the car lou turned on the radio and Diamonds came on "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND" me and louis screamed when i sang it lou was stareing at me. Lou just skipped a red light wait LOU SKIPPED A RED LIGHT. "LOUIS!!!!!!" and it all went black.



IM SOO SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE! I had 2 projects and a test and i was really busy! But I got a instagram! Please follow me @gibbyhoran_xoxo (yes its gibby my friend made it) If you follow me ill follow you back and in the comments say you read my movella and ill give you a shoutout on my next update! Oh and i got 100 READS! IM SOOO EXCITED THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! It means ALOT! Anyways i will try to update more often and then you can find out what happened to Daisy and Louis! And please Like Fave and Comment! It means a lot! Thanks!


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