Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?



Daisy's pov:

"What?" Niall asked surprised. "Sydney broke-up with me" He repeated, his face going red. "How did this happen??!?!" Zayn asked walking into the room with an angry face. "HARRY." I said crossly. He looked up at me with tears brimming in his eyes. "I'm sorry" He apologized. "What did you do mate?" Niall asked. " Sydney saw me cheating". He said and walked out the front door into the night. Zayn had his veins popping out in his neck as he clenched his teeth together. I went and chased after him. "HARRY HARRY WAIT" he didn't stop, he just kept walking. It was now night time and i couldn't really see where I was going. When i heard whimpering I ran straight ahead, I got my phone out and I saw harry sitting down on a bridge. When he started standing up I yelled "HARRY" "Da-Daisy?" "Harry............ What are you doing?" "I...I lost Sydney.....and..........I cant live without her." He was now leaning closer to the bridge. So I walked closer. "Harry step away from that bridge or you will NEVER get Sydney back......." he was leaning forward now. "Harry........Harry come back.......what about one direction?" "They.....they will HATE me because......I broke......Sydneys heart..."  "How Harry How did you break Sydneys heart? Come here and we can talk about it!" "NO........ NO ONE LISTENS TO ME"  he was now really close to the edge.........



"HARRY STOP! NO............




He jumped.






AHHH NO HARRY NOOOOO! Sorry i didnt update in a long time..........but CLIFFHANGER! OH YA 

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND  Sorry to all the Harry girls out there......... But trust me this story will have its bumps but it all ends well. ;)



Gabby <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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