Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


16. awake


Its been a year. Louis has never stopped loving Daisy. She hasn't woken up yet. Niall is one of the only ones who is going every single day just to sit there in silence, hold her hand. tell her she's beautiful and that stuff. I don't think he knows that I have seen him doing all of that though. Louis today decided that Daisy isn't ever waking up. He got back together with his ex-girlfriend Elenor Calder.


I sat at Daisy's bedside sitting on a wodden stool. I intertwined our fingers together and I kissed her Hand. I rubbed cream on her hands, feet, face, legs and arms to keep her skin soft. I felt her fingers struggling to move. I watched her empty eyes. "Daisy!! come-on! you can do it! wake up!" I encouraged her kissing her cheek, nose, forehead and hands. Her eyes came back to life as she blinked a few times. She shifted her gaze to me. Tears sprung to my eyes. Its been a year of my TLC and now shes awake and I was here to see it. "Niall?" She croaked. "Im right here babe" I whispered. A smile spread scross her face as she got up to hug me. "How long has it been?" She asked me. "A year." I said and kissed her cheek lightly. "Really? Wheres Louis?" She asked me. "Ahm um.." I struggled to find my words. "Oh well nevermind him! Lets go for a walk!" She said excitedly. I smiled and helped her out of her bed. I giggled. "What?" She asked. "Your butt hangs out of the back of your hospital gown" I laughed. Her face went beet-red as he quickley sat down. I removed my Yolo hoodie and passed it to her. She thanked me and slipped it on. It fell to her knees because of our size difference. I laughed along with her. I grabbed her arm and led her out to the waiting room. We came in and everyone gasped. "DAISY!!" Everyone screamed. She gasped and let go of my arm. She ran back to her bedroom. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" I yelled and marched over to him and Elenor sucking eachothers faces off. "Hey!" He greeted me warmly. "DO YOU FREAKING REALIZE THAT DAISY WOKE UP AND SAW YOU AND ELENOR SUCKING EACHOTHERS FACES OFF?" I screamed into is face and ran after Daisy. I left him looking dumb-struck.


I was stuck in darkness. Day after day, Someones soft hands ran over my body rubbing cream over my skin because he cared enough for me. This man was Niall James Horan. Not my Louis, but him. Niall's deep Irish accent told me it was going to be alright. He made me believe it myself. He soothed me, comforted me eventhough I was motionless and not his girlfriend. Oh how I love that guy. Today, He intertwined our fingers, kissed my hand and every inch of my face. His smooth hands worked across my soft skin. Now I wouldn.t have to wake up to super dry skin! Mental happy dance! I have tried every day and night to wake up from this spell, but today is different. Niall has been healing me. I think I can do it today. Our fingers are laced together and I manage to move my finger. Now Niall is encouraging me to do it. Im lifting myself out of this endless hole of nothing. I blinked my eyes. The brightness was overwhelming. I looked over to see Niall smiling his face off. Tears sprung to his eyes and he kissed my hand. "Niall?" I croaked. The first word I said since my coma is Niall. So I found out its been a year. Thats great. (sarcasim) "Lets go for a walk!" I decided. Niall helped me up I stood then Niall started laughing at me. "What?" I asked suispiciously. "Your butt han gs out of that hospital gown." Niall laughed. My face went beet-red I sat down quickly. Niall handed me his yolo hoodie. I slid it on and it fell to my knees. Im short. Nialls biceps glistened in the sunlight. "Man! this kid is ripped" I thought to myself He grabbed my arm and led me out to the waiting room. "DAISY!" I head everybody scream. I smiled when I saw The back of Louis head then my smile turned upside down when I realized that he is kissing another girl. I let go of Nialls muscular arm and turned and ran.

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