Our Special Place

Daisy's life has been great so far. But when her mother dies it takes a turn for the worst. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She got kicked out of her clique, and her grades are slowly lowering. She needs time to think so she decides to go to her special place. When she meets someone special at her special place, will he help?


10. Auditions

Daisys P.O.V

Nobody cares about me! I wouldn't be surprised if jessica and melissa left me tommorow! I walked towards the kitchen to see me two favorite people in the world Ben and Jerry (the ice cream). I saw a knife sitting there. No i'd never. Not again. Well i wouldn't say i actually tried it, i used a piece of wood and it just made a little cut. I decided i wont do it but i've read it feels good..... should i?

Louis P.O.V

I couldn't sleep last night. Not at all. That's great... just great i can't fall asleep during our auditions! Today we're having auditions for a new backup singer. 10 minutes later we were there "FIRST UP SYDNEY " screamed one of the judges. To be honest i dont even know why we have to go, were not the judges! "sydney?" asked harry. "harry, you know her?" "SYDNEY!" "HARRY!!!!" "harry the heck is that?" by the time i said that she was hugging harry. Cough cough " oh louis meet sydney. Sydney was my best friend before i left for X-factor we lost touch and i've missed her ever since" sydney was actually very pretty she looked about 5'6 she had dark brown hair, she had bluish greenish eyes with a tint of yellow in the circle around her eye. " Hi sydney im louis, THE TOMMO TOMLINSON!" i might have spiced it up a little! "Hi louis its nice to meet you, Oh wait im here to audition! Be right back!" When she got on stage the song started i could tell right away she was singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran. 

I'm gonna pick up the pieces 

and build a lego house

when things go wrong we can knock it down.....

I wasn't listening after that. She had a great voice though. I was daydreaming about Daisy. Her singing with her amazing voice. I know what i will do to win her back! 

Daisys P.O.V

NO NO NO. i wont i..i cant. I just went upstairs and decided to take a nap. when i woke up i noticed it was time to GO to bed. Great. Well i couldn't go back to bed i just woke up! 5 minutes and a sandwich later. There was a knock on my door. When i opened it no one was there but on the floor there was a Daisy (wow ironic right!) and a note,

Dear boo,

I never got to tell you how much i like you, Give me one more chance,  please come to the place we first met. Our special place.

Love, boo bear

He likes me? Well I think i'll let him explain himself. A long walk later i was there.

When i walked in it was beautiful! Lights everywhere and a table in the middle of the cottage. But where was Louis? There were Daisy petals on the floor leading to Lou standing looking REALLY cute in a tux. "Daisy look if you give me the chance to explain myself i'll be the happiest man in the world." "Okay Lou i'll give you a chance to explain" When we sat down on the table lou left to get our food. When he came back he had nutella CUPCAKES! "OMG LOU YOUR CHANCES JUST INCREASED!" "haha i knew you always wanted some. After i finished like 3  lou was stareing at me, "okay lou explain yourself "well you remember elanor right?" "yes that chick who cheated on you?" "thats the one, anyways she asked me to give her another chance and let her explain herself, so we went to the mall. It wasn't a date just her explaining her self. I didn't want it to be private because she would probably try something. anyways we went to get breakfast and she grabbed my hand that's when you saw me and her." oh my gosh i felt so bad. I didn't want to but i stared to cry. "No no no Daisy dont cry please dont cry" " i'm sorry Lou i didn't know im such an idiot!" "No you're not! Now daisy i have to ask you somthing" "No me first" i told lou. "Huh?" "Lou why do you like me no one does!" "DAISY I DONT LIKE YOU. i love you. The way your eyes sparkle when ever i see them, the way your hair looks in the wind its just your everything is amazing! Daisy and dont you ever forget it!" "I love you to Lou!" He started to lean in and then we kissed for what seemed like for ever but then i needed a breath. "wow" "Now it's my turn Daisy i know we've only known each other for like a week but it seem's like we've been bestfriends forever! So will you be my girlfriend?" "OF COURSE LOU!!!!!!!" Wow i'm dating louis tomlinson! My life just got a WHOLE lot better!


Hey guys i hope you liked that update! So thanks for reading! and please comment if you like it or not!

from, Gabby! :)

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