Green day isnt just a band... Its my life

Green day have been my passion in life from being a 10 year old little girl and after two years how my love for such an amazing punk band has grown.
there more than just a band... there life


1. Green day, the story of how i ended up loving them

My bestfirend was a very different girl which i started to realise from being 10 years old. She mentioned her favourite band was green day. "Ewwwww whos green day?" I replied. By her facial expression i could tell she really didn't want to speak about it and was getting very embarrassed. I kept quiet but couldn't help but think why should you be embarrassed to like a band? Surely they weren't that bad! I was curious to find out who this band were. I decided to search them on you tube.. being a 10 year old I didn't really know what to expect! "American Idiot" seemed to be there most popular song and curiously clicked on it. I was utterly surprised at the racket of guitars and some voice which was something very different. They sort of looked gothicy i thought to myself. Rebecca was such a nice girl I didn't know why she would be in to this sort of music but i later discovered they weren't just a band... they were a way of life. My dad reluctantly gave me his green day cd I don't think he was very on board with the idea of me getting into punk sort of music. After hours of finding interesting facts about this unique band i found out that the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong had a very special story and that his father died when he was only ten years old. Even as a 10 year old i found this very upsetting being that age i couldn't imagine how he must have been feeling. He was a truly an inspiration. As i discovered more facts and green day cds I realised why Rebecca liked them so much. For they were more than just a band. The fact that out shone all of the others was i started to realise that they didnt care what anyone had to say about them. There songs were rage and love and i felt a connection between them and there songs. I started to become more gothicy and punky and started to get bullied. I dont know why anyone would care so much. They kept me happy and were truly something wonderful. But i started to realise it didn't really matter what others thought of you, being individual and liking what you wanted was most important. For they were a lot more than stupid Justin bieber songs about girlfriends. There was so much meaning to there music! The punk trio were something unique and special and i loved them for that. Rage&LoveStoryOfMyLife <3

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