When Nicole bumped into Niall.

This is a story about a 17 year old girl and one day she goes to london with her parents and little brother and then says to her parents that she will go and take her little brother to the park, until Nicole ( the 17 year old girl ) bumps into Niall and knows that she has seen him somewhere and she remembers who he is when she gets home. Does she gonna start tto like one direction? read this book and find out.


1. The big news

I was sitting in my room getting ready for school and I really didn't want to go to school, but i have to.  And when i had go dressed I  said bye to my family and got on the bus. When I had got of the school  bus everyone down the corridor were talking about one direction and me and my bestie really dont like one direction. When I got to my locker, Samantha came to me and started asking me loads of questions, one of them was "why dont you like one direction?" and I told her I just dont like there songs. And all she did was laugh and walked to class. "What was she talking about?" my friend asked me, and i told her about everyone loving one direction exeped me and her and the boys, of course.

After a exhausting day at school I finally came home and my mum and dad told me and my little brother to have a seat and everytime one of my parents tell us to have a seat, it means that they want to tell us somthing very inportant.

So we sat down and my dad started saying "Me and your mother have been thinking we havn't been on a family vication in over a year now so we thought that we could go to... LONDON."

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