When Nicole bumped into Niall.

This is a story about a 17 year old girl and one day she goes to london with her parents and little brother and then says to her parents that she will go and take her little brother to the park, until Nicole ( the 17 year old girl ) bumps into Niall and knows that she has seen him somewhere and she remembers who he is when she gets home. Does she gonna start tto like one direction? read this book and find out.


2. Packing bags for London

I couldn't believe that we was going to London!
As soon as I heard the news I ran up to my room and straight away I packed my bags,
I got all the things I needed like:
My AWESOME phone,
My I.pad 5,
Don't forget money or I could just let my mum and dad spend all the money.
Also my computer, I need my computer for moviestarplanet, skyping and Facebook.

When I had finished packing I ran downstairs with 3 bags, hehehe.
And that was it, we was all heading for London,
We got on the train and we was off.
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