A Holiday To Remember

Heyy My Name Is Madeleine,
I Live Next To Zayn Malik We Have Been Best Friends Since We Were 2 Years Old!
I Have Had A Crush On His Best Friend Since (Liam Payne) I First Saw Him In Febuary On My Birthday!


4. Swimming

We all went upstairs to change into our swim suites, i picked a purple bikini and a pair of white sandals i put my hair into a messy bun and walked downstairs to see if the boys were ready, they were. "Wow, i see what Zayn means!" Louis said.

"Um thnx!" i said awkwardly.

"Everyone ready to go?" Liam asked.

"Yep, then i can get away from Louis!" i replied.

"Oyi, i didn't mean it like that!" Louis said.

"Well it felt like you did!" i said.

"Sorry" Louis said. We all left the house and walked to the beach it wasn't that far. When we got there Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry all went deep into the sea but me and Zayn stayed quite close to the shore.

"So first you have to trust yourself." Zayn said like a teacher.

"But i don't you know that."

"You have to or this will never work!" he said like Mr Swan (BEST TEACHER EVER). I took a deep breath.

"Ready" i said.

"Right you need to follow me!"

"Ok but it will be hard!"

"Oyi watch it you!"

"Sorry!"  He started swimming i copied him it wasn't that bad.

"Your doing quite well, do you feel like you can get to the boys?" he questioned.

"I don't know"

"Well your choice, you decide."

"You pick i really don't mind!"

"Fine we will keep going see how far you get then if you feel really confident then we can play a game in the pool back at the house."

"Ok that sounds fun!" So we kept swimming i managed to get to the boys and they were being complete ideots! "What are you doing?" i asked.

"Having fun." Louis replied.

"Course you are."

"So i see your good at swimming then?!" Liam said.

"Aparently so, i didn't know it was this easy."

"Why couldn't you swim before?" Liam asked.

"Well i have always been scared of swimming, since i was a child!"

"Oh so you could of swam if you wanted to but you never did?" Liam asked.

"Basicaly i went with school they always tried to get me to but i'm very stubern!"

"Oh never would of guessed!" he said.


"We're playing a game!" Louis said.

"Stop it one of you will get hurt!" Liam said.

"Yes daddy!" Louis said.

"Don't talk to him that way!" i said.

"Whooo yes mummy!" Louis said.


"Sorry!" I turned to Liam and said, "Jesus christ their like 5 year olds!" 

"I know sometimes their alright but then sometimes there a right pain in the backside!"

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