A Holiday To Remember

Heyy My Name Is Madeleine,
I Live Next To Zayn Malik We Have Been Best Friends Since We Were 2 Years Old!
I Have Had A Crush On His Best Friend Since (Liam Payne) I First Saw Him In Febuary On My Birthday!


3. Awkward!

We got to the beach house in Italy when we got there i ran up to the 2nd floor and went to look for my bedroom. "WHAT ONES MINE?"i shouted from the top of the stairs.

"ANY! JUST NOT THE BACK ONE!" Zayn shouted.

"WHY NOT?" I questioned.

"JUST BECAUSE DON'T GO IN THERE!" He shouted back.

I walked looking into each room i ended up picking the very first room as you walk up the stairs, it was a light purple colour with a walk in wardrobe and a king size bed, it was MASSIVE! I opened the wardrobe and put my bags in there and walked out. Niall walked in and wilst i was turned around he walked closer behind me and put a hand on my back. "ARGH!" i shricked.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing you just scared me thats all." i replied.

"Sorry i didn't mean to scare you!" he said.

"It's ok don't worry, What did you want?" i asked.

"I just wanted to see what room you picked, thats all, did you know that this used to be Liam's room?" he asked.

"No i didn't really?" i replied.

"Yes he loves this room." he added.

i mumbled to myself "not as much as i love him."

"REALLY? you love Liam?" he asked.

"Maybe how did you get that idea?"

"Um you just said that he doesn't love this room as much as you love him!"

"No i didn't did i?"

"Yes so do you?"

"If i tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone apart from Zayn  cos he already knows!"

"Yh of course i won't your like my sister!"

"Aw" i gave him a massive hug and said "Yes i do"

"Aw thats sweet!" he answered.

"Can we go now?" i asked.

"Yh why not lets go down stairs!" he said. We walked down stairs and went into the living room and we went to sit down with the rest of the boys.

"What were you two doing up satirs?" Zayn asked.

"Um picking a room and Niall scared me!"

"Really? I thougth no one could scare you?"

"Aparently not, but he's the only person who can!" i said. That moment Louis came up behind me and tickeled me.


"Aparently not!" Zayn said.

"Thats not funny!" i said pulling a pouty face.

"Aw i'm sorry Madz i didn't mean to upset you!" Zayn said whilst walking over to me and engulfing me in a MASSIVE hug!

"It's ok Zayniey waney."


"Of course i could never stay mad at you!"

"Awww!" Louis added.

"SHUT UP!" Zayn and i shouted at the same time, we both got really annoyed when people were all lovey dovey about us cos he knows i LOVE Liam! And i would never like him he's like my brother.

"Sorry!" Louis said defendingly.

"It's ok, we get lovey comments all the time, it's really annoying."

"It is specially when she LOVES one of your best friends!" Zayn added.


"Whao who?" Louis asked.

"Not telling!" i added.

"I KNOW!" Niall shouted with a mouth full of food.

"Niall knows what?" Liam asked coming down the stairs.

"Who Maddy loves!" Niall replied.

"Ow tell me!" Liam asked.


"Why not i wont tell anyone!" Liam asked with puppy dog eyes.

"No i can't sorry he's in this room though and it's not Zayn or Niall!"

"Oh so it's either Me, Louis or Harry?" Liam asked.

"Yes it is and no one will tell you who or i will kill them!" i gave Niall and Zayn the death stare.

"What should we do today?" Niall asked changing the subject.

"Don't know but i need to teach Madz how to swim." Zayn said. i turned away cos i went bright red from inbarressment.

"Oh cool we could all go it would be fun!" Louis added.

"Really? I don't like being centre of attention so you guys would have to do your own thing, while Zayn helps!"

"I'm cool with that though Harry will stare at you sometimes and so will the rest of us if your very good looking underneath you clothes!" Louis added.

"She is!" Zayn said.

"Really Zayn infront of hmmm?" i asked.

"Yes he's going to see you soon might aswel know the thruth!" he said.

"Ok but if i get shy i will hid behind you!" i adde.

"Yes i know you always do!" he said.


I need some girlfriends for the boys i need one for Harry and one for Niall! Sorry if you wanted Louis or Zayn but my best friends want them! :( Thank you for all the nice coments guys it means alot! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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