Loved You First (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl named Liz moved to London. She wants to meet the love of her life. When she finds a guy in particular, did she find her true love?

This is my first movella! I hope you enjoy reading this fan fiction, as much I enjoy writing it!


3. Talking to Harry Styles!!!

The first words he said to me were "I'm guessing you already know who I am... don't you?" I nodded yes. He laughed a little. I said " Im Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz." He smiled "Pretty name" he said then winked. Of course I blushed. "Thanks" I said looking down. He asked me why I was going to London. I said I was going there to live life. He smiled "Where are you going to live? " In this apartment in the city" I showed him the address and he laughed a little. I live like five Minutes from there! "Sweet now I actually know somebody that can help me with stuff!

We talked for almost the whole way there! We exchanged numbers and he told me that I can call anytime I needed help with something. When we got off the plane and got out of the airport i called a cab and took me to the apartment. The apartment was furnished because my mom had friends here (I don't know them) and it was up for sale so my mom bought it for me! It was pretty nice in there it was a modern style place. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen, and the laundry place was in the first floor of the building. 

I saw my phone vibrating, it was Harry. I picked it up. "hey" I said, "hey love, got in ok?", "yea, I'm just not used to living alone." he laughed and said "well if you need anything just let me know!", "thanks Harry!" ,"oh yea. do you want to hang out tomorrow?", "sure harry! I'll text you my address and just text me when your coming!", "ok, see you tomorrow Liz!", "Bye harry." and we hung up. I picked the room I wanted and started unpacking I noticed I was midnight! I talked out loud "woah I better go to bed!" I changed into some pajamas and hopped in bed.

I woke up at about 9:30 I jumped out of bed and started to get ready for the day. I took a shower, blow dried my hair and curled the bottoms. I put on light make up, I wasn't a big fan of make up so I never really put on a lot of it. I put some dark jeans, and a white blouse. I went to get my phone I had 4 missed calls and 2 texts. I noticed Jake called and harry texted me. 

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