Loved You First (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl named Liz moved to London. She wants to meet the love of her life. When she finds a guy in particular, did she find her true love?

This is my first movella! I hope you enjoy reading this fan fiction, as much I enjoy writing it!


6. Help!

Its only been an hour since Harry left and I already miss him like crazy. I saw my phone it was vibrating Jake has texted me. " On my way to your apartment... be ready" WHAT?!? I thought in my head. I locked the door, turned off everything and left to go hide. I heard the door knock, I was about to scream. He kicked the door open. Shoot I'm screwed. I texted Harry, " HARRY HELP MY EX IS HERE!", Harry replied " Ok stay there I'll be there in 5" I heard glass breaking stuff falling. "LIZ I KNOW YOUR HERE!" I defended myself. " WHAT DO YOU WANT JAKE?" He came over to me and slapped me. "Why did you do this to me Liz? I thought you loved me?", " I did until you turned into a jackass" he punched me in the stomach, then picked me up and threw me on the bed, he was punching and kicking me until I would say I loved him. I was waiting for Harry to come and beat the shit out of him.

Harry finally got here and calling my name I yell "HERE!" Jake slapped me so hard I heard my jaw pop. I was crying so hard. Harry came up and kick him in the "spot" he fell to the ground Harry picked me up and brought me to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital they asked me a billion questions. I got put in a room and they stitched up my face because he cut my cheek. My jaw got cracked, it was a minor crack but still. I had many bruises, and cuts. they gave me this brace thingy and I was let out of the hospital. We went back to my apartment to find Jake gone, and he took our promise ring out of my jewelry box. Good. I didn't want it anyways. I took some of my stuff put in a duffle bag and left with Harry. 

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