Loved You First (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl named Liz moved to London. She wants to meet the love of her life. When she finds a guy in particular, did she find her true love?

This is my first movella! I hope you enjoy reading this fan fiction, as much I enjoy writing it!


4. Hanging With Styles

So I quickly call Jake. "Hey I'm sorry!" , "its ok babe! I know your busy!" , "Phew, I thought you would be mad!" , "why would I be mad?", "I don't really know. haha" , "Ok well I have training so I'll call you tomorrow babe." , "Ok! Bye" , "Bye" 

Then Harry texts me saying "I'll be at your house in 15" I text him back "ok!" 

15 minutes later I hear a knock on the door I get it. "Hey Liz!" "Hey Harry!", He pulls me in for a hug. I had a weird feeling, sort of like an electric shock going through my body. Am I falling in love with Harry Styles?

After that moment I let him inside. His eyes were amazed. "wow, nice place!" Harry said. "Thanks" I said back. We talked for awhile, he seemed interested about my life and how I do things. He asked me If I wanted to meet the boys, I said "yes!!! I would love to meet them!" He laughed a bit and said "ok, because they really want to meet you." then I thought in my brain " So it sounds like Harry talks about me to his friends. awesome!"

Harry and I went to this cute little coffee shop. Somehow he knew my order. "weird" I thought to myself. After coffee we went shopping and it was really fun. I kept telling him I would pay but he always refused! It got me frustrated that he was spending money on ME. After shopping we went to the park and went for a walk, he clasped hands with mine. I started to blush, then I heard cameras going off. "crap" Harry said. "paparazzi?" I asked " yeah" he said back. " Harry, I don't mind if they take pictures of us, they can spread rumors, but I really don't care about them." He smiled, Then he started to run, but he picked me up bridal style without me knowing and we went back to my apartment. It was about 5, so I made some dinner. I made salad, bread sticks, and pasta. Harry seemed to like it! I was doing dishes and I turn around to see Harry. he said "hey babe" and kissed my cheek. "hey" I said shyly. "thanks for making foodies" he said I laughed a little because he said foodies weird. We watched TV , but I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder.

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