Loved You First (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl named Liz moved to London. She wants to meet the love of her life. When she finds a guy in particular, did she find her true love?

This is my first movella! I hope you enjoy reading this fan fiction, as much I enjoy writing it!


8. Feeling Guilty

When I woke up I was still in Harry's arms. I kissed his arm which made he wake up. "Morning beautiful" , "morning" I said sort of sad. "Whats wrong love?", "I don't really know to be honest" Harry looked at me kind of confused. "Maybe I miss my family?", "your probably home sick Liz!" I laugh a little "I miss my brother He was my little buddy" " I know how you feel Liz, I had to leave my family after X Factor, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I left my sister Gemma and she helped me with all my problems." At least I know someone gets me. I thought in my head.

I decided to back to my apartment, and clean up the mess from Jake. I went upstairs because I heard footsteps I went in there to see Jake. "crap." I said. I started to walk back downstairs. "Wait Liz!", "what do you want Jake you've already hurt me enough!", "I wanted to say sorry, I never mean't to hurt you.", "Then why did you?"," Because I'm a jerk", " I never should have done what I did, I'm so sorry!" Tears fell from his eyes. I came over by him and kissed him on the cheek "I believe you, but can you help me with this mess?" "Yea, sure. I will pay for the damage too Liz." Harry walked in on us cleaning, "What are you doing here?" He ran over to him about to throw a punch until I stopped him " don't" I said. "why not?" , "he apologized Harry, hes helping me clean the mess.", "oh, I was just coming to tell you I have an interview tonight, so I wont be at my house.", "ok, I'll be here" I kissed him and he left. 

I haven't talk to Harry for two days now, I feel guilty because I think he thinks I'm cheating on him with Jake. I text him " Hey Harry I miss you lots!xxx" He didnt reply. I started to get worried so I went to his flat, He did give me a key before so I unlocked the door to find Harry Kissing another girl. I sat there in shock for a minute, than I ran out sobbing. "how could he do this to me?"

Harry was running after me and yelling my name "LIZ! IM SORRY!" I finally reached my apartment I got inside, locked the door and went to my bedroom I sat in there crying for hours until I cried myself to sleep.

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