Loved You First (Harry Styles Fanfic)

A girl named Liz moved to London. She wants to meet the love of her life. When she finds a guy in particular, did she find her true love?

This is my first movella! I hope you enjoy reading this fan fiction, as much I enjoy writing it!


1. Intro

Hi I'm Liz! I recently graduated high school! Instead of going to college right away, I wanted to moved out of the country to explore my dreams! So, right now I live in Minnesota and I'm traveling to London. I don't know anyone there but I'm still excited to meet new people there!

Tomorrow is my flight to England, I have packed all my things and its by the door. I was putting my last suitcase by the door and my brother Jasper came up to me and said "I'm going to miss you sissy!" Hes only 4. I know I'm 18 and hes 4 quite the age distance right? Well anyways I hugged him and said "I'm gonna miss you too little buddy!" I could see he was sad, sometimes I wish I wasn't leaving but I knew that this was a good opportunity for me.




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