Hidden in the Shadows

Dee and Nathaniel were best friends since they were babies... that is, until Dee had to go, leaving him, her family, and everything she thought was normal behind, all because of one terrible accident that drew the government into deep suspicion. She fled to a hidden shelter with all of the other suspects, leaving Nathaniel confused and alone.
Seven years after the accident, the government learns something about Nathaniel that's even more gruesome than what they thought had happened to Dee. Now, they're after Nathaniel, and Dee must protect him from their repulsive experiments, on top of her group of suspects.


2. Chapter Two - Nathaniel


Chapter Two - Nathaniel

I was playing with my little sister, Lacey, in my living room when I heard an urgent knock on the door. I tried to ignore it, like my mom told me to, but whoever was knocking made the situation seem really important. I left Lacey sitting on the floor with her blocks, which she didn't mind since she was only two, and went to the door, cautiously. I turned the handle and opened it, expecting someone with a package or something to be on the other side, but staring back at me was a pretty girl around my age, almost a head taller than me, with dark brown hair blowing in the breeze (or was I dreaming that?) a dirty green tank top, jean shorts, and the most worn out converse knock-offs I had ever seen. She half-smiled at first, but then she got down to business.

"We need to go. Now." She said.

"What?" I said, dumbfounded. That is not what I had expected coming from her. "Um, w-where?"

"Away!" She snapped. "Leave your sister, we're on the run!"

"But my mom said-,"

"I don't care what she said, do you want us both to be taken away by the police?"

"N-no. The police? Why?"

"Oh just come, Nathaniel!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. She starting running, and don't ask why, but I followed her. It was as if she was still pulling me, but she wasn't. I was following her, running down the street like an idiot, leaving my little sister alone in the house with the door open. My mom was going to kill me! 

"Where are we going?" I asked, not caring anymore that she knew my name and I didn't even know her face.

"To the camps!" She told me, like I was stupid (which I was, for following her to the "camps")

"What camps? And what about Lacey?"

"Forget her, just come with me! You'll be safer with us."

"Who's us?" I stopped running, expecting her to not notice and keep running without me, but she did in fact notice and did stop. 

"Listen, do you remember that day where you and me were at the park and a nearby sewer pipe blew up and sewage and who knows what flew all over  the place?"

"Well, I've heard of it." I said. By that time, she'd walked me over to a bush and we sat behind it, like we were hiding for who knows what. Although, once we were crouched behind a bush the whole thing seemed very familiar. "I was probably there, but I wouldn't know. I lost my memory when I was eight because I was thrown off my aunt's horse. I haven't regained all of it yet."

"Oh." She said, disappointed. "Well, the government has been searching for every single person that got as much as a drip of that stuff on them, or even if they were just there. Apparently there was some sort of chemical that got into the mix somehow and they're afraid of some radiation blah-blah that gives us some weird powers, or at least some form of strength. They want all of us for 'tests', and now they want you, but not for any experiments. It's because you'll be used as a tool to get me into the laboratory."

"So then they don't want me for experiments. I'm just going to get taken away." I concluded.

"Well, yeah, but do you want to get taken away?"


"Well there you go. I'll bring you to the camps and you'll be safe there. We'll send a letter to your parents, I mean mom ,  and  set up some visiting days. I'm sure she's loved you long enough to actually want to come see you every now and then."

I didn't care that she knew that my dad died, either. She seemed to know everything about me, and I had better start getting used to it sooner rather than later. "What does it matter if they haven't known you long? You're their child and they'll want to see you." 

"My mom didn't. Neither did Andy and Toby's, or Hope's. They were either mad at us for leaving, scared of getting us - mostly them - captured, or in few cases they didn't care. They must have thought it was one big lie to get out of being their child, and they respected them too much to go and drag them back."

"I get it. That's really sad. And what exactly are these camps?"

"Shelter, basically. Home." She said, getting up, and running me to the camps.

Or in my case, being the necessary tool and all, it might mean home, too.

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