Hidden in the Shadows

Dee and Nathaniel were best friends since they were babies... that is, until Dee had to go, leaving him, her family, and everything she thought was normal behind, all because of one terrible accident that drew the government into deep suspicion. She fled to a hidden shelter with all of the other suspects, leaving Nathaniel confused and alone.
Seven years after the accident, the government learns something about Nathaniel that's even more gruesome than what they thought had happened to Dee. Now, they're after Nathaniel, and Dee must protect him from their repulsive experiments, on top of her group of suspects.


3. Chapter Three - Dee


Chapter Three - Dee

I led Nathaniel past the golf course and to the small valley where we set the camps up. He complained and questioned the whole way, and if I wasn't as tolerant as I was, I would have sent him back home. 

"Here we are!" I said, as we reached the hill that went down to the camps. I unwrapped the vine from the tree that we used to get down there. It was a pretty steep hill, and even though sliding down it would be easier, swinging into a pile of leaves was more fun. 

"Uh, how are we getting down there?" He asked, nervously.

"We swing." I handed him the vine. "Here, you first. Drop when you're near the pile of leaves."

"No. I-I'm not swinging down there." He let go of the vine. 

"Why? It's really fun!" I smiled, and put it back in his hand.

"I'm afraid of heights. And what if the vine breaks? I could die!" He screeched.

"Calm down, and be quiet! They'll find us! And you're skinny, it won't break!"

"You never know!" He argued. God, it bugged me when people are so stubborn. Why can't they just take a challenge?

"Alright, fine. Just slide down the hill."

"But my new jeans will get dirty!" 

"Do we care? At all? Each of us have four outfits, maybe five."


"Nathaniel. Slide down."

"Okay." He whined, but pushed himself down the steep hill, succeeding in getting his jeans at minimum dirt level. "I'm down!" He cheered.

"God, it's like he's five." I muttered, and swung down next to him. The swing down was always a rush, no matter how many times I do it. There's always the dangerous feeling that the vine will snap and you'll crash into one of the huts, and that just adds to the fun of it!

"So these are the camps." I said. "We sleep in those huts, but you have to build your own."

"What?" He exclaimed, looking appalled.

"It's not as hard as it looks!" I assured him.

"Dee! You're back!" My friend, Hope squealed, and rushed up to me. "Oh my gosh, is this Nathaniel?"

"Yep!" I said. "Nathaniel, this is Hope."

"Uh, hi." Nathaniel half-waved.

"Aww, you seem shy!" Hope said, sympathetically.

"He's not really big on this whole running from the government thing we have going on. Or running at all." I told her.

"Oh, well don't worry! We're really nice here, and we have training centers by the showers if you can't run fast or come up with quick excuses or build a hut or steal food or in the off chance, escape from jail!" She attempted to comfort him.

"Escape from jail?" Nathaniel screamed.

"It's not that hard to do! Jacob had to do it four times! And he's going to have to do it another time." I told him. "And for crying out loud, quiet down!"

"Sorry." He whispered.

"Let's show him around!" Hope offered.

"Yeah!" I agreed. "Come on." I told Nathaniel.

"Okay." He said.

I gave him a quick hut tour. There were at least twenty huts for the twenty or so people who were involved in this chase. They were six-by-six feet each, (with exceptions for really tall kids) made of wood, mud, grass, etc. There were blankets and pillows on the floor (stolen from the Betsy HomeStore) and you could decorate it however you want. Mine had a pile of books in the corner that will give me a whole lot of inspiration for my adventurous life and the blankets were all camo-colored for no reason besides the fact that I really like camo. My other three outfits were hanging on small, wire hangers on my three hooks. My friend Toby, though, was quite the technician, and attached solar panels and has a flat screen with a cable box, stolen from the golf course's lounge.

After the huts we introduced him to the showers and toilets. They were in little wood outhouses that we connected to the golf course's water line so we could get water for free!

"Oh, good, I can get clean here!" Nathaniel said, excitedly.

I pat him on the back. "You see, Nathaniel, the water is freezing cold, we use the same bargain soap until there's absolutely none left, and we have a limited supply of water. And there's a five minute limit for the shower."

"I can live with that." He nodded, uneasily.

"I'm sure you can." I nodded.

We walked towards the training areas and we met up with my other closest friends involved, Toby, Andy, and Faith, who happens to be Hope's fraternal twin sister.

"Hey guys!" I greeted them.

"Oh, you recruited someone!" Faith said.

"Yeah, this is Nathaniel." I introduced them. "Go easy on him. He's a cupcake."

"Don't worry, Cupcake." Andy said. "We'll teach you everything you need to know."

"We were just about to bring him to training." Hope told them.

"Hm." Toby looked at him. "He's kind of skinny. And not skinny like us. He's scrawny. Let's bring him to food first."

We showed him the food hall, another wooden building with tables, and a counter where people can take the food we stole from GroceryWorld (which, by the way, is really fun to do). We made him take a small bucket of chicken wings. That would be his dinner. After that, we showed him to the training centers. We only meant to show him them, but we weren't expecting what was coming next.

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