Hidden in the Shadows

Dee and Nathaniel were best friends since they were babies... that is, until Dee had to go, leaving him, her family, and everything she thought was normal behind, all because of one terrible accident that drew the government into deep suspicion. She fled to a hidden shelter with all of the other suspects, leaving Nathaniel confused and alone.
Seven years after the accident, the government learns something about Nathaniel that's even more gruesome than what they thought had happened to Dee. Now, they're after Nathaniel, and Dee must protect him from their repulsive experiments, on top of her group of suspects.


1. Chapter One - Dee


Chapter One - Dee

Just keep running, just keep running! I thought to myself. This kind of thinking is usually expected from a runner on the local track team or cross country or whatever it is, but it doesn't get that good in my life. I was running from the cops. 

"Stop , mutant!" One of them yelled.

I let a laugh escape from my throat, but it came out more like a yelp, due to the fact that I was exhausted from running for twenty minutes. How stupid could he be to think that I was actually a mutant? Yes, I was playing near a sewer when I was seven, and yes it exploded, spewing toxic sewage all over the place, but that doesn't mean that I was doused with fairy dust and got strange powers in the process! Better yet, the government sends cops from all over the state to track down me and my playmates, Luke, Hope, Andy, Faith, Toby, and several other people that I wasn't really friends with at the time, sending running from our homes and family to live in a hidden valley near the local golf course to hide from testing.

"Surrender now and we won't hurt your friend!" The other said.

"Which friend?" I asked.

"Nathaniel Ardens."

I seriously considered surrendering right then and there without a fight. How could they know about Nathaniel? I thought. Was he even there at the incident? Nathaniel was my best friend up until the sewer malfunction. Then, of course, we had to run away and it all ended. I always had vague memories of him, standing by the sewer, watching in awe, as me and my playmates ran away from the mess. Did they want him for experiments, too? I needed some more contemplating, so I came up with a quick plan. I stopped running and turned around to face the cops. As stupid as they were, they stopped, too, confused. 

"It's not me that you want!" I said. "It's... BROCK!"

"Who's Brock?" The taller policeman asked, scratching his head. "Was there a Brock involved, too?"

"Oh, yeah! He was standing right in front of the pipe that exploded! Got covered in the stuff! I was merely a bystander that ran at the sight of flying sewage!"

"Oh..." He said, tapping his chin.

"She's lying, Marty." The smaller cop told him.


"No I'm not!" I dug my hand in my pocked to find a small pebble, which would tie my plan together. "He wanted me to keep it a secret, but I don't  want to die!" I flicked my wrist and the pebble went flying into a hollow metal pole and made a loud noise. "RUN, BROCK, RUN!" I shrieked at a nearby runner, as if he was Brock. And if he got arrested? Well, we all need to make our sacrifices.

Stupidly, the cops ran for the pole, leaving me running into the nearest coffee shop. I sat down at a table in the back to catch my breath and decide what to do about Nathaniel. 

A waitress walked up to me and asked me for my order.

"Water. And eight slices of apple pie. Do you serve pizza?

"Yes." She said.

"Yeah, two pies. And actually, make that to go."

"Okay." She asked, trying not to sound too confused. "It'll be right out."

"Thank you!" After she left I began to think about what they wanted from Nathaniel. I knew that he might have been there... but did any sewage get on him? Then, I discovered that it didn't matter exactly what had went down. They wanted him, and I needed to protect him. 

"Here's your are your pies-," She giggled at her little joke. "And your water, to go!" The waitress asked, leaving me with a bag and a check.

"Thanks!" I smiled, waited until I couldn't see her anymore, and bolted out of the restaurant.

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