Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


2. Leaving family.

Mitchie's P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning smiling because, today I will go to london and meet the boys and be their maid. But I still feel a sharp pain inside me. I cant leave my family here. But I need to do this, I need to earn money for my college and I want my parents to be proud of me. I'm gonna do this for them.

I got up from my bed, drowned from thoughts, I hopped in the shower and just enjoy the water coming through my skin. After showering, I wrapped a towel in my body and head to my walk-in-closet. I really loved my closet, all of my clothes, shoes, bags are in there. I picked a white tank top with a matching jumper, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of white supra. I wore it and fix myself then I headed downstairs with my luggage. But before I got out of my room, I took a one last look of my room. 

"I'm gonna miss you room!!" I told to my room and shut the door and headed down the stairs.

"I'm gonna miss you too stairs!" I told the stairs. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw my two older brothers looking at me with a 'I'm gonna miss you lil sis' look. I ran to them and gave them a big big hug. And I burst out in tears.

"I'm gonna miss the both of you! I'm gonna miss how you always messed my hair up! I'm gonna miss how we bonded so easily when we first moved here and be with this family! I'm gonna miss all of the things we did just to have fun when we were little!" I cried at their chest as I heard them crying too.

"I'm gonna miss you my lil sister! I loved you as much like my own sister! You will always be my little sister, well besides criselle and roshel, but I love you so much!" My brother Jefferson told me. And I cried more.

"I love you too Jeffy!" i told to him. Jeffy is what i call him.

"I dont know what to say mitchie, I remember the time when you were running in the rain, crying because you were so heart broken when your boyfriend cheat on you and I was the one beside you and make you feel better. I will never forget how I beat that boy's balls for hurting you." Johnsen, my other older brother told me. I laughed at that thought.

"Just always remember, that we are always here for you. Just call us, and will be there for you. I love you so much my sister!" He added. At this time, i cried more.

"I love you two so much! I will never forget you both!" I told them and pulled away from the hug then we headed to the kitchen. 

I saw my Dad sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while reading a news paper. I ran to him and hug him very tight. I sat on his lap, like when I was a kid, I always sit on his lap. I cried and cried until I spoke.

"Daddy, Im gonna miss you. I promise I will take good care of myself and I will never forget what you always tell me. I love you so much dad! Thank you for always being there for me! I promise I will be back after I finish work and college." I told to my daddy and cried more.

"I will miss you too kiddo! Dont forget us, ok. Take good care of yourself. I love you so much and always will love you!" He said and kissed my forehead.

"I love you too daddy." I told him. I pulled away from the hug and sat down the chair to eat breakfast. When my mom came, my tears came flooded back my eyes. I got up and ran to her open arms.

"I'm gonna miss you mommy! Thank you for loving me as your own daughter. Thank you for being my mom when I needed it the most. Thank you for filling up the pieces in my heart. I love you so much! I really do!" I told to my mom.

"I'm gonna miss you too. Thank you too, for being a mother to you and accepting me as your mother. I dont know what I'm gonna do when you're gone. Promise me, you will never change and you'll always be my little girl." My mom told me.

"I promise." I told my mom.

"I love you mitchie, always remember that!" she said and I cried more.

"I love you too mommy!" I told her. Then pulled away from the hug to finish my breakfast. After I finished my food, I went to the living room and heard running footsteps in the stairs. I turned around and I was bear hugged with my two younger sisters. I hugged them too and laughed at them because they are too clumsy at most times.

"We'll miss you so much mitchie!" Roshel and Criselle said at the same time.

"Aww I'm gonna miss you too shela and sella!" I told them. It's their nicknames.

"Send us some cute shirts and shoes, ok!" Shela said.

"And some cute pics of the boys!" Sella added. Oh boy! There they are again! I giggled.

"Ok. I will send you those but before that, give me a good kiss in the cheeks please!" 

"Nahh, my lips are getting dirty if I kiss you." Shela said and she laughed. I pouted. She laughed more.

"I was just kidding! Sure, we will kiss you!" Shela said. I smiled. Then crouched down and they kissed both sides of my cheeks.

"Aww that was sweet! I love you girls!" I told them.

"We love you too sistah!" They both said at the same time. I smiled. Then looked at the time, it was time to leave. At this point, my eyes is starting to tear again. I took a deep breathe and just smile. The I heard a honk, it means my friends are here.

"Well, I gotta go now. Angel and some of my friends are driving me to the airport. Dont wanna be late for the plane. This is good bye. I love you all so much! Always remember that!" I told them all. I picked up my luggage and head outside but took a last look at my family. I wave and whispered,"I love you." I turned back around and met up with my friends. I hopped in the car and the car went off. Staring at my house, like it was fading. 

"Its gonna be okay." Angel, my bestfriend told me. I nodded.

_ _ _ _ _ 

We arrive at the airport and the worst part is, I'm leaving also all of my friends. I hugged them all, one by one. And then I hugged my best friend Angel and my other best friend that I'm inlove, Geoff. It's so hard to pull away from hugging my best friend and the one I love. But I need to go. 

"I will miss the both of you so much!" I told them two.

"I will miss you too, mitchie! Dont forget us, ok. I love you so much!" Angel said which I cried more.

"I will miss you too mitchie! I think this is the perfect time to tell this. I have always loved you from the first time we met when we were babies. I've always wanted to tell you this but I dont have the courage to confess this to you and I am always afraid of hurting you. I love you mitchie." Geoff said. I was shocked at what he said. The one I love, loves me too. I was too speechless, so I did what I wanted to do for a long time. I kissed him. And I'm glad he kissed back. I smiled while kissing him. I pulled away for air. 

"I love you too geoff!" I told him. A smile crossed his face. So I smiled too. I heard the lady calling for the flight. That's my cue. 

"Good bye! I will never forget all of you! We'll keep in touch,ok. Dont forget me. I love you guys!!" I told all of them and wave as I walked through the doors, looking one last glance at my friends, at my best friend, and at my love one, Geoff. I turned around and came through the doors.I found my seat and put my luggage at the top rack. I put on my earphones and listened to One Direction's song, Nobody Compares. I imagined how my life is when I'm in One Direction's house. I drifted of sleeping, imagining my idols.




Thank you for reading this! Hope you like it! Im sorry if it's too emotional and crap but I assure you, the next chapters will be goodThank you again for reading! Bye love yah! :))) xx

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