Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


4. I like her.

Niall's P.O.V.

 When i first saw mitchie, i couldnt take my eyes off of her. I was falling for her when i saw her smile. The way she fangirl over us is too cute! I love her eyes, her dazzling dark brown eyes, her perfect smile, how her hair moves to her side. Man, im really falling for her hard! I didnt realised, she was talking to me asking something.

"I'm sorry, what?" i said.

"What do you want for dinner?"she asked softly.

"umm... Surprise us!". I told her.

"hmmkay! I'll be back to tell you if the dinners ready." she said as she runs back to the kitchen and with that, liam just interupts me in my thoughts.

"You like her, dont you?"Liam said.

"What no!" i complained.

"I know you like her! From the way you look at her, i can tell that you do!" he said.

"Ok, ok.Maybe I do like her but im afraid she wont like me back." i said.

"Dont let yourself down. She will mate, she will." he said while patting my back. After a while, mitchie yelled and said it was time for dinner. Yes! Food!

*** When we were eating, man all i can think of how im gonna tell mitchie that i like her. And i haven't noticed, i spilled some sauce in my shirt

"Shit! aw c'mon! This is my favourite shirt." I said and pouted. And then there was this moment, when all of them has to laugh. Great.

"Oh did baby nialler just spilled sauce in his shirt???" Louis said and then he laughed along the others lads. I felt my cheeks went red.

I saw mitchie stand up and she have a towel in her hand, walking towards me.

"Here you go Niall." she handed it to me with a smile.

"Thanks." i replied smiling at her.

She went to her sit and continued eating. I was done cleaning my shirt but still have stain, well it was white though. I went back to eating and finished it with the others and have some conversations too.

After about an hour, we were done eating and we are all full. Mitchie cooks food so good!

"That was delish!" Zayn said.

"I'm so full!" I said while rubbing my tummy. Then they burst out laughing.

"What? Cant I be full? The food is so delicious!" I said. They all agreed. I smiled at mitchie and oh how cute is she when she blush!



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