Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


7. Finally!

Heya luvies!!! Im so sorry if I updated so loooong! There's just some things me and my friends do in summer. You know, do crazy stuffs! haha.... Ok so in the story. I've change how they convo is. Instead of ," hello" he said. I changed it to, He: "hello" .... Is that okay?... GOOD! Back to the story! ;)))) xx 


Niall's P.O.V.

Me and Mitchie spend the night together, cuddling. I cant believe that we are together. We've only met for a couple of days but now, she's mine. I'm not letting her go, no matter what happen.

I haven't notice, that I'm laying in the couch. Then I felt someone moved. I opened my eyes and what I saw is my beautiful princess. That made me smile. She opened her eyes and smile, was about to say something but I surprised her with a morning kiss.

Niall: "Good morning princess!" Still smiling at her.

Mitchie: "Well, good morning Nialler!" She smiled widely.

NIall: "Wanna get some breakfast?"

Mitchie: "Sure. I'll make you some."

She was about to stand up, but I stopped her. Pulling her back in the couch. And then I stood up.

Niall: "No can do princess! Today, I'm making you some." Now walking towards the kitchen.

Mitchie: "I'll let you cook me breakfast, but will you let me cook breakfast for the boys?" She whined.

I thought it for a second, then I realised what she meant. Then I just nodded. We both went in the kitchen and do our thing.

I'm nearly finished cooking mitchie's breakfast which is egg benedict. Some people say I'm good at it but turned myself down. Mitchie's making the boy's breakfast and to what I see, she's making bacon and eggs with sausage. I almost finished making the egg benedict there's just this little recipe I learned that instead of bread, replace it with strawberry waffle and it will taste better than the bread. I finished my masterpiece and soon, mitchie was done. I called the boys to eat breakfast and in a millisecond, they came running as fast as they can until they reached the kitchen. We all sat down in the table. I sat beside mitchie and handed her breakfast and got mine.

Louis: "Oh yeah! I'm starving!" Then they all stuffed food in their faces.

Zayn: "Oh my, this is... this is... -"

Liam: " AMAZAYN!" Then me and mitchie giggled at their reactions.

And then there's louis, always interrupting our moment.

Louis: "Why you two have different breakfast? And why are you two so lovey dovey all of a sudden?"

Zayn: "Lou, can't you see! They are together!" 

Louis: "Well, then why did somebody told me?" He said in a sassy tone. It was my turn to talk.

Niall: "Because, we only been together last night, when all of you are out."

Louis: "Oh, so that's why you too are snuggled up in the couch last night! Now it all make sense!" Louis raised both hands as defense.

Zayn: "Finally Lou! You understand the situation!" He said in a sarcastic yet pissed tone. That's why he is a not a morning person. Louis stuck his tongue out in zayn's direction and crossed his arms. Zayn just rolled his eyes.

Harry: "Hey niall, you've never answered louis' question. Why are you two have different breakfast?" he said while raising his eyebrows while finishing his sausage and pointing to us.

Niall:"Well,it-" mitchie interrupted me.

Mitchie: "It's because he decided to make me breakfast because he said he is a professional and well, he is and then I made you guys breakfast. So that's it." Then she smiled and finished her food. Then I finished mine.

Niall: "Is that clear enough?"

Harry: "Crystal."

Niall: "Good."

Liam: "okay, now that we are all done. How about we go to the beach?" And with that, we all started yelling and running upstairs to our room, leaving liam alone and speechless.

Liam: "Okay, I guess that's a ... yes?"


Mitchie's P.O.V.

I'm so excited to go to the beach! The first time I'm going here in london! But I felt sorry about liam because we left him hanging with his question. But, who can't resist the beach! And it's freaking hot right now! 

So, I went to my closet and found my bathing suit which I bought yesterday with niall. It was beautiful.  Link:      I love the color of it. It truly made me shine.



I know I just had an author's note but I just wanted to know how the story is. So, what do you think?? Wait for the next chapter which will gonna be "in the beach". So please, do like, vote, and comment. Thank you, bye luvies!! xx 

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