Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


10. Drama Queen!

Hey guys! How are you? How's school? 
Mine is soooooo hectic! Everyday we have home works, seat works, quizzes and even projects! Now my mind is all rumbled up! So, now I'm gonna update this little story but it's a little stressing! Go get a tub of ice cream while reading this! HAHAHA! :)))

Angel's P.O.V.

Me and Mitchie got out of the showers and started to get dress. (Link:  ) Yep, were sisters! After we are done getting dress, we went outside and saw all of them laughing. We both have confused looks and started questioning them what was funny.

Zayn: "We heard the squealing and jumping." he snickered still laughing.

Louis: "And we also heard you twerking!"

We both blushed and laughed along. Talk about embarrassing! We went back to where our spot is and started to pick up all our things and headed to the cars. We stop at Nando's to buy some food. And I'm sure, Niall ordered a lot, I mean a lot! I saw him holding 4-5 bags? While the others are holding 2 bags. We went to the boys flat after we got some stuffs in mine and Geoff's hotel room for the sleep over. Gosh! I'm so excited! Never done this since.... FOREVER! I remember when we were little, we always have a sleep over. I sigh, some childhood memories. Wait til someone fall asleep. Gotta get my pens/markers ready!

We got inside the house and it was freaking huge! It was beautiful. I wanna live here! When we reached the living room, I slumped myself in the huge couch and it feels amaZayn!

Liam: "Help yourself at home! or whatever you are doing." He said then he giggled.

Me: "I'm already helping myself at home!"

I saw the others went the kitchen, so I followed them in and saw them preparing dinner. So, I sat down on the dinner table, as well as the others. We started to eat and talk. But I cant stop looking at Harry's eyes. It's like his eyes is calling me and his smile makes me wanna...uhh! What the hell am I thinking! He is Harry Styles! He will never like me, cause I'm not that girl he is waiting for. I sigh. Angel Darcy Affable, you're not his type, you're the one he is gonna love, you're not the one he wants to be with and especially, you're not the one who will be with him forever. This thinking gives me so much stress. Forget those thoughts and think positive always. I breathe in and out and smiled while Louis made a joke with his fork. He imitated Ariel (little mermaid) using the fork as a comb. Haha love that movie.

Geoff: "You okay? You look pale jelly. What's wrong?" Geoff asked using my nickname. I just smiled.

Me: "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired. Don't you worry." I gave him a weak smile and he nodded. I went back to eating and finished it with everybody. Taking another glance at Harry. I sighed again, mumbling, "If only you knew." (Now, that's a beautiful song. It's a song of Jasmine V. Look it up on YouTube. :p)


Louis P.O.V.

It's 11 pm now and the other lads are playing PS4. So it was a battle of single's and taken. In team singles, it was Harry and Geoff and the team taken, it was Zayn and Liam. Mitchie and Niall are in the love seat, cuddling. Yuck! (haha) I saw Angel, sad and lonely. It was since we are eating dinner. What was bothering her. I stood up from the counter seat and walked over to where Angel is seating, which is on the couch.

Me: "Hey jelly!" She smiled.

Angel: "Hey Lou! How did you know my nickname?"

Me: "Hmm, Instincts?" we both laughed. "So, why are you so upset, dear?" She sighed.

Angel: "I don't know if I can trust you."

Me: " Oh you can trust the sass masta from doncasta!" I said in a sassy tone, making her giggle.

Angel: "Okay! Well the thing is, I think I'm falling for Harry and- " before she finished what she's saying, I interrupted her by shouting,

Me: "YOU'RE FALL-" before I could finished, she covered my mouth with her hand, threatening me of killing Kevin, the pigeon.

Me: "Not Kevin!" I whispered. She glared at me, meaning she is serious. and she threaten me again by saying,

Angel: "Say another word, or I'll kill you in your sleep!" I gulped. The others stared at us, frightening. I nodded at her as she took her hand away from my precious mouth.

Me: "What you lookin' at? You lookin' at this?!?" I said while pointing my finger at myself. They shook their head and went back to their business. The things I do to them. I smirked looking back at Angel.

Angel: "Be quiet, okay!" she said, practically whispered/screamed.

Me: "Can't promise that." She just rolled her eyes.

Angel: "Whateva! So as I was saying, I'm afraid that if I told him this, he would laugh at me saying, 'why would I fall in love with a girl like me.' And he would run away from me. I don't know what to do Lou." A tear rolled down her cheek. I quickly wiped it.

Me: "If he did that, I will his precious little face off, even if he is a cupcake. But I do it for you, cause you deserve more than this."She giggled when I said that. I continued saying, "Besides, I know he wont do that, cause I kept noticing him looking at you and he is not the way he is when you are with him. He is always clumsy when you are around." I started smiling at the thought, they would make a great couple. I looked at her, she also smiled and pulled me into a tight hug.

Angel: "Thank you for listening. Promise me you won't tell this to anyone, okay?" She pulled away raising her pinky finger. "Pinky promise?"

Me: "Pinky promise. And thank you for trusting me." I locked my pinky with hers. Maybe this is the start of a new "Friendship." Only better.

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