Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


5. Cleaning.

Mitchie's POV:

All of us are done eating dinner, so  i started cleaning up the table and proceed on washing the dishes. I looked at the living room and the boys are just watching TV and talking. I continued washing the dishes and  by the time im almost finished, i felt warm hands wrapped around my waist. I jump a little and turn around to see who it was and it was the one and only, Niall Horan. I looked at him and stare at those deep blue eyes, until he finally said something.

"Thanks for giving me a towel earlier." Niall said.

"Its ok Niall! That's my job, to keep you all clean and healthy!" i said with a smile on my face.

He smiled. But i can see his hiding something from me, i dont know what is it. Oh well! After a long time of staring, he finally let go of my waist and flashed a smile at me while walking back to the living room. I finished washing dishes and went to go out to throw the garbage. When i got back, i went straight to my room , i picked up my phone and saw Angel had texted me. You know, Angel is my BFF.


From: Angel Baby! :))

Hey Girl! How's your day with the boys ?? xoxo

I replied:

Heya! It was great! and i have a lot of things to share with you! xx


***skipping the convo***


It was already 10 pm so i decided to sleep. When i woke up in the morning, it was 6 am and i got dressed and went downstairs to cook breakfast. When i went in the kitchen, i saw someone who is now awake this early, it was Liam.

"Hey good morning Liam!" i said with a smile while going in the kitchen.

"Good morning too Mitchie." Liam said smiling.

 "Why are you up so early?"  I asked. 

"Well, i always wake up early than the other boys and i always go to sleep early." Liam answered.

"Oh, okay. So, what do you wanna eat?" I asked. 

"Hmmm, anything. Something delicious. Its up to you my dear!" Liam said.

"Haha ok, imma do my thing." I said and he just smiled.



Heya! Thank you again for reading! Next chapter is gonna be long so, hope you like it! Please vote,comment,and shareLots of love! :)) xx

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