Life with One Direction

There's a girl named Mitchie and was raised by his dad. She is 18 and she's a dedicated Directioner. She went to find a job and when she found that One Direction needs a maid or cleaner in their flat, she thought this is the best way to be with the boys. What will happen to mitchie if one of the boys fall inlove with her? Do this will be the start of living in a new life?

Read this book and u will find out!


8. Beach!

Heya! Sorry I haven't updated for so long. Im just enjoying SUMMER! And then next week, our school starts. Sucks, right? I KNOW! Anyways! Remember how i said the twist between Mitchie and Geoff? Well today is the day you will figure out! Hope you enjoy it! :)) xx

Mitchie's P.O.V.

I was done packing my stuffs for the beach when my phone starts ringing. I looked at the caller ID and I  froze. Looking at his name, all the feelings i felt for him came flooding back in my head. I answered the phone,  shaking.

*PHONE CONVO** (M = Mitchie; G = Geoff)

M: "Hello?"

G: "Hey mitchie! I have great news for you!" Then I heard giggling in the background which is a familiar voice.

M: "Really? What is it?"

G: "That me and angel are here in london! And the hotel we were in, happened to be near One Direction's house!" I can tell that he is smiling.

M: "OMG! Really?? I wanna see you guys! But not right now."

G: "Oh. Ok. I was hoping we could hangout here in london." His happy tone faded to a sad tone.

M: " What if you two come with us? We are going to the beach."

G: " Oh sure! Is it okay if you could pick us up in a few?"

M: "Sure we can! I'll tell the boys! Bye, see you in a bit!!" He chuckled.

G: "Yeah, you too. Bye."


I rushed down in the living room and saw the boys, already in their beach attire.

Mitchie: "Guys! I need your help!"

Niall: "What is it, princess?" He smiled a bit and I blushed a little.

Mitchie: "My best friends are here in london, and I need us to pick then up in a hotel near here. And they are coming with us, to you know, get them to know you and stuff. If it's okay with you."

Then all of them agreed and after that, we went outside and hopped in Harry's range rover and went off.

This will be the arrangement:

Harry    Liam

Louis   Zayn

Me    Niall

We arrived at the hotel and I jumped out of the car to run and embrace my two best friends.

Mitchie: "I missed you guys so much!" I said while hugging them. Then we pulled away.

Geoff & Angel: "We missed you too!" We started laughing. We talked for a few minutes.

Louis: "Hey! Are you all gonna have a chit chat there or we going to the beach!?" He said it with a posh/sassy tone. I rolled my eyes onto him and ran to the car.

Now, this will be the arrangement:

Harry   Liam

Louis   Zayn   Niall

Geoff    Me    Angel

***Skipping the car ride, but a brief story on what happened.***

I introduced Geoff and Angel to the boys. I told angel what me and niall is. But I didn't told Geoff that Niall is my boyfriend. Maybe I'll tell him later. And to what I see, the boys are now close with geoff and angel. I think Harry likes her! Cause he keeps on looking at the road and at angel. During the car ride, all we do is sing in the top of our lungs to the song of Avril Lavigne's song which is "Here's to never growing up."

We arrived at the beach. All of them jumped out of the car and running and screaming to find a spot for us. Leaving me and Niall with all the stuffs left in the car. We laughed and shaked our heads. We picked up all our things and started to walk to where they are. Niall intertwined his left hand in my right hand. I smiled.

Niall: "So, did you tell them that we are together?"

Mitchie: "I didn't told geoff yet cause when he finds out that we are dating, he'll rip your ass off if you try to hurt me but I dont think you'll hurt me. So, maybe I'll tell him later"

Niall: "Ohkay, I understand. And I promise I wont hurt you my princess." And with that I start blushing. He smiled and kissed my cheek, which made my cheeks more hot. We still keep on looking for the others.

Mitchie: "Where are they?" I asked at Niall, looking at him.

Niall: "There they are!" He pointed where they are and look at niall's direction then I saw them. We ran over to them and put the things on the sand.

I smiled at the scene of the beach and let the fresh air into my face. There wern't many people in the beach, just a few people are having fun. So the boys wont have to worry about fans. I picked up my bag then headed to the changing room and met up with angel there. I took off my tank top and my shorts. Looked at the mirror, talking to myself. But that was cut short when angel came in.

Angel: "What are you doing?" She said trying to hold her laugh.

Mitchie: "Having a professional advice" I winked at her and we both started laughing.

Angel: "Come on! Let's go!" We left the room. She was wearing this: 

We went to where the boys are and I'll admit it, eyes were on mine and angel's body. They all got their mouths open and I assure you, they are starting to drool. haha just kidding!

Mitchie: "Shut your mouths before a fly comes inside!" Me and angel both laughed and the boys closed their mouth, coughing and blushing a little. Awe, they're cute when they blush! Niall came over to me and wrapped his arms around me, smiling. I smiled at him, looking at his deep blue eyes.

Niall: "You look very sexy in those. Wanna see you wear more of these." He said smirking.

Mitchie: "Ooh you pervy little snowflake!" I giggled. 

Niall: "Just cant help it. And I wanna do something." And with that, he kissed me. I kissed back but pulled away after 5 seconds. We both smiled after the kiss and he let me go so that I could do my business with my bestie. As I walked over to angel, I noticed geoff getting pissed and looking at me. I think I better tell him sooner or later. I sigh.

Angel: "Hey, you alright?" She asked me while putting her shades on, and I put on mine.

Mitchie: "It's just, I felt guilty not telling geoff about me and Niall. He is really mad at me, I can tell." I layed down on the blanket which angel laid earlier. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Geoff went off getting something, maybe food. Niall and Liam are sitting under an umbrella, talking.

Angel: "Want me to tell geoff about you two?"

Mitchie: "Thanks but it's better if I tell him personally. I know I love him since we became friends, but now, I don't feel those feelings anymore. The only feelings I felt is for Niall." Thinking of Niall made me smile. I sigh. "I cant let my best friend down."

Angel: "Awe, micchi(Micchi is my nick name. It is pronouced as Mickey)! Everythings gonna be alright..." She began singing "Be alright" by JB. I gave her a weird look cause she is beginning to fangirl, although I love Justin Bieber too. Yup, I am a Belieber too.

Angel: "What? I love that song! Makes me more calm!" We both laugh. And decided to go eat ice cream. We're on the beach! It's not gonna be a great day if there are no ice cream! 

We stood up, fixing ourselves and went over to Niall and Liam to ask them if any of them want some. Niall's order was chocolate ice cream mixed with cheese cake. Liam's was the same but its strawberry flavored. We headed down to the ice cream stand and ordered ice cream. I ordered chocolate ice cream mixed different kind if chocolate candies. Don't get me wrong, but I love chocolates. Angel got cookies&cream mixed with wild berries. We ordered the other guys some random ice creams, so they would not be so jealous of us eating ice cream. We ordered this in large cups, so we can eat it way too long. We went back to our spot and they all rushed at us, almost slipped mine but Niall caught it. My savior!

I sat down beside Niall, happily eating my ice cream. He began to have a scoop of my ice cream but I always push his hand away from my precious ice cream.

Niall: "Come on! Just a little taste!" He whined the he pouted. Awe so cute! Wish I could picture his face. I giggled.

Mitchie: "Hmm.. okay, just a little taste wont hurt. Besides, you saved my ice cream from falling." And the, he took a spoon full of my ice cream and shove it in his mouth. My eyes widen when he freaked out how cold it was! 

Niall: "Cold! Cold!" He said this while moving his hands up and down near his mouth, like it was something hot he have eaten. I try to hold my laughter but it always slipped out of my mouth. 

Niall swallowed the ice cream and let out a breath taking sigh. He breathe heavily and said something to himself.

Mitchie: "What was that? I can't quite catch that." I said while plainly laughing a little. 

Niall: "I said, you have something in your face."

Mitchie: "Where? Is it gone now?" I said while touching my face and try to find that 'something in my face.

Niall: "Here." suddenly, he put some ice cream into my cheeks. Ohhh its so cold! He starts laughing hard that made him red. Good thing the others had decided to go to the water.

Mitchie: "Not cool." I pouted and crossed my arms. Pretending to be angry. He immediately stops laughing and went over to me.

Niall: "Im so sorry princess! It looks good on you , love!" 

Mitchie: "stop it niall!" I pushed him playfully  and smiled.

Niall: "Here let me help you take it off." He starts leaning in my cheek and it made me confuse.

Mitchie: "Niall, what are y-." He starts liking my cheek. Felt gross but WHO CARES! 

Niall: "There, its all gone! And you taste good!" He smirked and wink.



To be continued....

A bit of a cliff hanger here! Next chapter will be posted maybe tomorrow. If I dont have anything to do. Next chapter will be either Niall or Geoff P.O.V. And maybe have some little romance in the beach! haha. So please do vote, comment and share! Share this to others please! Thank you! Love you all luvies! Bye!!! :))) xx

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