A poem I wrote when I was 11 for the 'Express Yourself' worldwide competition.


1. The Dream


One minute awake,

The next - gone,

A night of broken sleep,

Better than the nightmares,



You toss,

You turn,

Now wide awake,

Nothing relaxes you,

Yet the dream somehow appears,

Sending you in a trance,

Rest is finally on your side.


A forest,

A moon,

And you.


You run,

Destination unknown,

The moon your beacon and all of its friends,

Beautiful stars,

And from the silver wood,

A twinkling pearl appears,

Its light blinding you,

You cry out in pain,

A dream or nightmare?

And a woman who is night personified,

Steps out with a flourish,

Handing you a garnet necklace,

'Shine with glory, child...'


Your thoughts jumbled,

Awakening you from the heavenly sleep,

The beautiful necklace chained to you forever.

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