The Secret Book 1

Jade Hilton sings and runs. She does high school track with her four best friends. Jade is dating the famous Zayn Malik. Her friends Summer, Adeline, Livia-Rose, and Isabelle are dating the rest of the boys. Summer is dating Niall, Adeline is dating Louis, Livia-Rose who likes to be called Livi is dating Harry, and Isabelle is dating Liam. All five girls are amazingly fast runners.


1. Track Meet Part 1

Jade's POV

It was the day of our first track meet of the season. The girls spent the night at my house. Our boyfriends said that they were pick us up. I'm just standing there. Looking out the window. Just then, I see a car pull up. Liam gets out and walks up to my door. I hear a knock. I walk over and open the door. And, sure enough Liam is standing there. "Are you guys ready yet? You might be late!" he said. "Yeah." I mumbled. "Girls! The boys are here!" I yell. Livi comes running downstairs. "I'm right here!" she sad putting her hands up. She has one cleat on. "Do you have your spikes on?" I asked her. "Yeah!" she says. Isabelle comes in from the kitchen. "Hi Izzy!" Liam said. Isabelle walks over and gives Liam a peck on the lips. Adeline comes from my bedroom. "Livi put your other cleat on!" I say. She does as she's told. "Does anyone know where Summer is?" I asked. All the girls shook their heads. "We're gonna be late!" Isabelle said. "Summer! Get your bum down here!" Adeline yelled. Summer comes running downstairs. "Ok, ok I'm here!" she said. "Let's go." Liam said. We all grab our track bags and walk out the door. When we get into the car Louis is driving. "Took you long enough." Niall said. "Hey, we had a couple of people slacking behind!" I glaring at Livi. She chuckles. "What did she do now?!" Harry asked. "She wasn't ready! Then, Summer didn't get out till it was time to go outside." Liam said. "Ok, so what races are you running Jade?" Zayn asked me. "I'm running two relays and 55 meter dash. Meaning, I sprint 55 meters." I say. Zayn just nods his head. There was a silence. "I'm gonna turn in the music!" Louis said braking the silence. We heard Green Day's song 'Blv Of Broken Dreams'. After Green Day, Ed Sheeran came on with The A Team. We all like Ed Sheeran so we all sang along. After that song we were there. "Bye!" Harry said. "Bye Harry!" Livi said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Zayn held his arms out. I gave him a hug and a kiss. When, we walked out we saw a boy named John. John was an ok runner. The boys drove off to find a parking space. John walked up to us. "Good luck today." he said. John was nice sometimes. "You too." Summer said. I walked and talked with the girls. When, we got into the building we saw our coach. "Come on ladies and John!" he said. We ran over to our coach. Beating John. We were just jogging when John couldn't beat us. Wow! We're faster than I thought. "Girls, do great today! You want to get to States, right?" our coach asked. We all nodded. "Than do your best! Here is the schedule for the track meet." he said handing us all a packet. The 55 meter dash was first! "I gotta go get ready! My race is first!" I said and ran off.
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