Stuck in the middle

Tilly Poynter is a 19 year old girl, she has a brother Dougie Poynter who is 25, he has taken care of her since their parents died when he was 18 and she was 12. He is very protective of her but when they move to Doncaster she befriends 5 young lads, Harry (18) Louis (21) Niall (19) Liam (19) Zayn (19). With Dougie being the protective brother he is does he screw up Tilly's chance of true love?
Read to find out.


2. The next morning

Last night was great. T is so hot and her brother seemed to like me. Im so glad she is my neighbour. But i can't have a crush yet, can i? I mean i need to get to know her first. What if she doesn't like me in the same way? Just then Harry walked in and said "Mornin Lou" i didn't say anything. I was still thinking. He came over and looked at me and said "So Louis William Tomlinson, who is the girl you like?" I say "Harry, please dont make me tell you, i dont even know if she likes me or what." "Lou, you can tell me i promise i won't tell anyone." He said. "Fine its.....................T... I like T ok." i said slightly blushing. "Ahhh T is it" Harry said in a cheeky voice i just thought oh god what is he thinking?! When i looked up he was gone. Great. I knew exectly were to look, out the window. I open it and shout "Hazz what ya doin get back here now!" "Louis Louis Louis i had my fingers crossed," He shouted back. Just then I went running out the house and tackled Harry just ass T opened the door. "Guys whats going on?" she said. I look at her and then at Harry and then Harry shouts "LOUIS HAS A CRUSH ON YOU T!!!" I blush and she looks at me and says this better not be a joke and i said "T its not a joke, i sware i told Harry i liked you and he came round to tell you and i ran after him and tackled him. There now you know" She looked at me and whispered to me "Lou, i like you to." I say "As in a friend way or as in the way i like you?" "In the way you like me" She replyed. I was still sitting down and Harry had left. I was blushing so much right then. I gave her my number and she gave me hers. I walked away with the biggest grin on my face and Harry came and said "so how did it go?" "Great she likes me in the way i like her and i have her number!" I text her saying:

L: Hey T its Louis, was just wondering if you wanted to go to starbucks with me at dinner? :-)

T: Hey Lou would love to what time? :-)

L: How bout 1? :-)

T: Sounds great c you then ill come round to yours at 5 to :-)

L: K c u then :-)

T's POV-

Oh my god Louis likes me!! I go and get ready, i decided to go for the casual look. I put on my white t-shirt that has: Love, Live, Life. Writen on it, my grey stone washed skinny jeans and my red converse. If you havn't noticed yet they are my favourite shoes. I straighten my hair and put on a touch of miscara and eye liner and i was ready to go. "Dougie, I'm going starbucks with Lou. Ill be back later and i have my phone on me" I shout from the top of the stairs. "K T, just be carefull, your lucky i trust Louis. You know what happened last time" With that i set off to Louis's and we set off to starbucks. Should i tell him what Dougie is like with my boyfriends or just leave it? I think i will tell him.

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