Stuck in the middle

Tilly Poynter is a 19 year old girl, she has a brother Dougie Poynter who is 25, he has taken care of her since their parents died when he was 18 and she was 12. He is very protective of her but when they move to Doncaster she befriends 5 young lads, Harry (18) Louis (21) Niall (19) Liam (19) Zayn (19). With Dougie being the protective brother he is does he screw up Tilly's chance of true love?
Read to find out.


3. Starbucks

Louis's POV-

I was waiting for T and then she turned up. She looked beautiful. I was in my stripey T-shirt and red skinny jeans with some white vans. We set off with me driving. While we were on the 10 minute drive T turned to me and said "Lou, just so you know, Dougie is a bit protective over me, because sometime ago when we lived in Essex I had a boyfriend... I wanted to break up with him because he was controlling me and making me do things i didnt want to... So when I said I wanted to end it he he he r-r-raped me. When I finally told Dougie, because my mum and dad are dead. Now he is really protective with me and well you know he just does things without thinking so yeah." She looked away as if she was ashamed. I said "T it doesnt matter, I love you and even if Dougie does get a bit funny around me, he wont stop me loving you. And trust me I would never ever think about raping you or anyone." "Thanks" she said.

T's POV-

When I told Louis, he was understanding but there is still something he doesnt know. I really should tell him that my ex, Jake, is looking for me. He said he wasnt finished with me or Dougie. I am still worried but i really dont know if i should tell Lou. I was deep in thought when Louis turned to me and said "T what are you thinking? Is it something i should know?" I said "Well, my ex Jake is looking for me and Dougie he said on that night he wasnt finished with either of us. I think he meant he is going to kill Dougie and rape me. I dont know......." "T its alright im sure he wont find you here especially with me as your boyfriend." He replied. "Thanks Lou." I said. It was December 27th Today. It has only been 6 weeks since Jake, ya know, raped me. I really should tell Louis.

**Skip the rest of the date**

Louis walked me in and said good-bye. We had only been an hour. So it was 2o'clock. Dougie walked in and said "T, erm i dont know how to say this but i just saw Jake across the street." "I knew it he is looking for us, Just my luck." I said. Then there was a knock at the door. Thank god it was only Harry. He was inviting me and Dougie to a new years eve party and there would be people Dougie's age like Josh Devine and Andy Samuels.




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