Stuck in the middle

Tilly Poynter is a 19 year old girl, she has a brother Dougie Poynter who is 25, he has taken care of her since their parents died when he was 18 and she was 12. He is very protective of her but when they move to Doncaster she befriends 5 young lads, Harry (18) Louis (21) Niall (19) Liam (19) Zayn (19). With Dougie being the protective brother he is does he screw up Tilly's chance of true love?
Read to find out.


1. Moving

Tilly's POV-

"T!! WAKE UP WE'RE MOVING TODAY!!" Dougie shouted from downstairs, I had a shower and got changed into some light blue stone washed skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and red converse. I brushed my brown wavy hair and let it down naturally, it looked alright, well for moving from Essex to Doncaster, im glad Dougie is in a band called Mcfly, he has been in it since he was 15, which is good for us because when mum and dad died we wern't struggling for money. I had breakfast and got into the car, the moving vans were just loading up the last of our stuff when Dougie got in the car, "Mornin' T" He said, "Mornin' Dougie" i replyed, i was glad we were leaving our home town of Essex, we could finally start a new life. A second chance. We set off and it was a long drive, lucky for me Dougie was driving so i managed to get some sleep, i slowly drifted off wondering what our new house and lives would be like.

*Skip the rest of the car journey*

"T, wake up were here" i heard Dougie whisper, when i opened my eyes i looked at the house then at Dougie and gave him a hug, he knows how to pick a nice house. I ran inside and looked around, Dougie followed me, he told me this room would be the living room, it had white walls and wooden flooring, it would go perfectly with our furniture. He showed me to my room, it was massive. It had baby blue walls, my favourite colour, and wooden flooring. I looked around and saw a door, what could be behind there i thought to myself, i walked through only to see a walk-in wardrobe! After about an hour everything was in place and the house was perfect. I was talkng to Dougie when there was a knock at the door, i answered it and 5 good looking lads were stood there smiling, i greeted them by saying "Hi i'm Tilly but every one calls me T." and invited them in "They told me their names and age which were all similar to me which is good, i think i might of made some friends already. RESULT they were my neighbours. They said hi to Dougie and Louis and him seemed to hit off straight away, which is good because i kinda like him. Dougie invited them out to dinner with us and i had a great night. We all said our good-byes and headed off into our houses. I went straight to sleep that night and i think Dougie did aswell.

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