Karma is a Bitch. A Poem.

Ahha! Title says it all really.


1. Karma is a Bitch. A Poem.

Karma is a Bitch,
That's for fucking sure.
It's kinda like a snitch,
Trying to settle the score.


But it doesn't really work,
It just fails.
Trying to kick the jerk,
But just tips the scales.


Punishing the victims,
Thinking it's done good.
It's not solving the systems,
Doing the opposite of what it should.


So is it actually real?
Doesn't seem so.
It's like its made a deal,
So long ago.


Its growing weary and tired,
Giving into its long time.
Old enough to of retired,
To the stairs it should climb.


Just give it a throw,
And be handled by another snitch,
So now you know,
Why Karma is a Bitch.

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