Summer Love?

Emily has gone to Barbados for the Summer to try and heal herself. After a few nights she meets Zayn Malik on the beach. What happens when a summer love blossoms and they don't want to leave each other? Will it be an all good romance or will mistakes and regrets get in the way? What direction is this passion fueled relationship headed in? Because after all summer loves are never meant to last...

Some sex scenes


30. Yes!

Emily's p.o.v

*4 days later*

We were now in New York and Zayn and I were out for dinner because the boys didn't have a gig tonight. We were sitting at a table talking when I heard that voice, the voice of the boy I once thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, Jake. I knew he saw me because he shouted out my name. I turned around and I saw him. He looked as hot as ever but grown up a lot. He came over and we talked for a few minutes. I introduced him to Zayn and when the waiter came to say his table was ready he looked disappointed to have to leave. Of course the waiter had to offer him the table next to us and we talked all night. I saw the look of jealousy in Zayn's face but ignored it.

Zayn's p.o.v

He ruined it, I had finally built up the courage to ask her and he showed up. We went back to the hotel and I went to bed straight away, clearly not in the mood to talk.

The next morning I woke up and went to the lobby with Niall. I told him what had happened the night before and we came up with a plan to make her think I wasn't interested in marriage. When she came down to us she asked us what we were talking about and Niall told her "Just a thing we saw online about how pointless marriage is and how it doesn't matter." "What? You don't think this do you?" she asked me. "Well yeah. As long as your together it doesn't matter if your married or not." "But marriage is about declaring your love for each other to the world and telling each other you'll never leave the other person." "Meh." "I've got things to do." She walked out of the hotel and I knew the plan was working.

Emily's p.o.v

He didn't want to get married and that's what I wanted. I took out my phone and looked through my contacts. I found Jake's number and called him. He was the boyfriend I was serious with before Trevor and we had even talked about getting married but he moved to California and we broke up. I met him at a cafe and we talked. "Zayn doesn't want to get married," I told him. "I'm willing to give you what you want Emily, I still love you, I never stopped." "But I love Zayn." "Does he love you though?" "Yes." "If he did he would want to marry you." "I can't leave him." "If you change your mind you know where I am," he said and walked out. I had texted Zayn before I came and told him I was meeting Jake for lunch to try and make him feel jealous.

Zayn's p.o.v

She came back and just sat in the room. "What did you talk about?" I asked. "Marriage," she replied. "Really?" "Yeah. He's willing to marry me, he wants to get married Zayn, just like me." Oh fuck! "What?" "I want to get married but you clearly don't." "I've got something to do," I said and walked out of the hotel. I found his address pretty quickly and knocked at his door. He opened pretty quickly and I walked on in. "Why are you telling my girlfriend you want to marry her?" "Because I do." "She's my girlfriend, not yours." "She thinks you don't want to marry her." "I told her that." "Why?" "To try and put her off my trail. I have a ring," I said pulling the red box out of my pocket. "I was going to propose last night but you got in the way." "You can have her, I can see in her eyes and hear in the way she talks about you how much she loves you."

Emily's p.o.v

I went  to Niall's room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Jake told me he wants to marry me today." "What?" "I'm thinking about it Niall. Zayn clearly doesn't want to marry me. He's made that obvious today." "I can't stand this, Emily he was going to propose to you last night and he said that to you so you wouldn't be suspicious." "Are you serious?" "Yes. Don't tell him I told you." "No, you have to help me with my plan."

Zayn's p.o.v

I ran back to the hotel and standing in the corridor outside my room was Niall. "Is she here?" I asked him. "No, she left Zayn. She said she's gone to her parents and that she needs time to think about things and said not to come after her, but if I was you I would." "No! You should have stopped her!" "I tried! I told her everything but she wouldn't listen. I'm sorry mate." I opened the hotel room door and there she was in the candle lit room. "You wanted it to be a surprise." Niall grinned at me and closed the door. I walked towards her and she got down on her knees. "Zayn I never thought i'd fall f-for someone as-as amaz- there's a reason girls don't do this." I got down on my knees in front of her. "Emily, I never expected to fall in love when I went on that holiday to Barbados. I thought I would go chill with the boys and go back to London and back to the crazy life I had. But I met you and you changed me. No one knows me the way you do and you are my whole world. When i'm not with you it hurts like hell but when I get to be with you thats when it matters. Nothing would make me happier if you did this for me. Please marry me?" "y-yes." I put the ring on her finger and kissed her. "Can we come in yet? We're dying out here?" Niall shouts from outside the door. "Come in!" she shouted back. Niall, Abby, Harry, Liam, Louis and Eleanor piled into the room. They looked at us hopefully and I grabbed her waist. "We're engaged!" I told them. They  all came towards us and we had a group hug. Finally I had what I wanted, the one I love forever.


<I'm in love now kiss me like you wanna be loved, you wanna be loved, you wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, falling in love, falling in love>

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