Summer Love?

Emily has gone to Barbados for the Summer to try and heal herself. After a few nights she meets Zayn Malik on the beach. What happens when a summer love blossoms and they don't want to leave each other? Will it be an all good romance or will mistakes and regrets get in the way? What direction is this passion fueled relationship headed in? Because after all summer loves are never meant to last...

Some sex scenes


42. What Happened To Forever?

Zayn's p.o.v

*2 months later*

I sat down on the couch beside Emily. "Can we talk?" I asked her nervously. She turned to look at me and smiled. "Sure." Knowing how happy she had been  recently was going to make this even harder than it should have been. "Emily, I can't be with you any more," I said. "What?" she whispered with tears brimming her eyes. "I can't be with you anymore. I don't love you." She was crying now and it made me feel even worse. "I'm sorry." "Why?" "I don't love you anymore." "But why don't you love me? Did I do something wrong? If this is about the whole Harry and Liam thing again I thought you were over that!" "It's nothing to do with that. I just don't feel a spark anymore."

Emily's p.o.v

Once he said that I burst out crying. This was so unexpected, he put his arm around me trying to comfort me but I shrugged him off. "Get off! You don't love me!" I said jumping up from the couch. "What happened to forever Zayn?" "Nothing lasts forever." "Clearly! You know what, here," I said taking off my engagement ring and jigsaw piece necklace. "Take them back, give them to who you really love." "I never wanted to hurt you." "You should have thought of that when you made me fall for you!" I ran upstairs and started packing my things. "Don't worry, you won't see me anytime soon," I said walking out the door. Why did I let myself fall for him?


<I shoulda never let you hold me baby. May be why i'm so sad to see us apart. I didn't give it to you on purpose, gotta figure out how you stole my heart>

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