Summer Love?

Emily has gone to Barbados for the Summer to try and heal herself. After a few nights she meets Zayn Malik on the beach. What happens when a summer love blossoms and they don't want to leave each other? Will it be an all good romance or will mistakes and regrets get in the way? What direction is this passion fueled relationship headed in? Because after all summer loves are never meant to last...

Some sex scenes


4. Out For Dinner

Zayn's p.o.v

"I don't know Zayn," she replied. I knew my facial expression changed from happy to sad because she then looked guilty for making me sad. "I'm sorry Zayn but i'm just not ready for a relationship yet. I don't want to get hurt and we only met a week ago." "I won't hurt you babe and does it really matter how long you know someone before you know how you feel about them." "Maybe in a few days," she said to me. "Come to mine at 7," I said and walked out the door.

Emily's p.o.v

I felt bad about telling him no but I needed to think about it. I was scared about getting hurt because of what happened with Trevor. I sat down on the couch and watched t.v. After a while I got up to get ready. I had a shower and got out. I wrapped my towel around me and went out to my room. I put my phone on the speaker and went to my closet. I picked out my american flag jeans, a white cami and black wedge heels. I dried my hair and straightened it. I put my clothes on and then did my makeup. I looked at the clock and it was 6:30. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. My aunt was in the kitchen making dinner. "Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes," she said. "Oh I forgot to tell you I won't be here for dinner. I'm going out with friends." "That's fine. Just don't be too late back." I sat in the living room for a few minutes and walked towards Zayn's house.



<You only get one shot so make it count, you might never get this moment again>

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