Summer Love?

Emily has gone to Barbados for the Summer to try and heal herself. After a few nights she meets Zayn Malik on the beach. What happens when a summer love blossoms and they don't want to leave each other? Will it be an all good romance or will mistakes and regrets get in the way? What direction is this passion fueled relationship headed in? Because after all summer loves are never meant to last...

Some sex scenes


19. Lies

Zayn's p.o.v

*1 week later*

Emily had an appointment with a doctor today to try and figure out what had caused the miscarriage. She wanted me to come with her and I did. We had been sitting in the chairs opposite the doctor for 20 minutes and now he said "Emily were you eating enough? Because if you hadn't been it could have cause this." "I was." "Are you sure that your b-" She cut him off by saying "I'm sure. So you really don't know why?" "Yes. Sometimes it just happens and no one knows why." "Thank you," I said and left with her. "What was he going to say when you cut him off?" "Nothing," she snapped. We were walking and I told her to go on to the car because I was going to the bathroom. As soon as she was round the corner I walked back to the doctors office. I knocked on the door an walked in. "Oh, Mr Malik, have you forgotten something?" "No, I wanted to know what you were going to say when Emily cut you off earlier." "If she hasn't told you it's not my business to tell. Ask her." "I did but she won't tell me." "It's patient confidentiality." "Please, I need to know, it's the only way I can help her." He walked to a cabinet and took out a file. "This is a copy of her medical records. Just read them and figure it out for yourself. If you wouldn't mind, i've got another patient." "Thank you." I walked out and put the file in my jacket. We got home and Emily went to take a shower. I sat in the living room and opened the file. Once I read it I was shocked. She came out of the bathroom a few minutes and saw me sitting on the couch. "What's that you have?" she asked me. "Why did you lie to me?" I asked. "I don't know what your talking about." "YOU HAD BULIMIA AND DIDN'T TELL ME!" "I didn't lie, I just didn't tell you." "YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!" "I didn't want to Zayn! I thought you would have left me!" "I would never leave you. You should have told me. It's just one of your little things and I love you for it."


<If you're pretending from the start like this with a tight grip then my kiss can mend your broken heart>

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