Summer Love?

Emily has gone to Barbados for the Summer to try and heal herself. After a few nights she meets Zayn Malik on the beach. What happens when a summer love blossoms and they don't want to leave each other? Will it be an all good romance or will mistakes and regrets get in the way? What direction is this passion fueled relationship headed in? Because after all summer loves are never meant to last...

Some sex scenes


3. Be Mine?

Emily's p.o.v

I couldn't believe he had asked me out. I don't know if it is a date or not but I hope it is. After a while of being in the water we got out and all went back to my house for lunch. My aunt and uncle were out so we had the place to ourselves. I went to the kitchen to make the food. "What does everyone want?" I shouted. "Anything," they all replied. I took out bread and supplies and started to make sandwiches. Suddenly two hands wrapped around my waist. "I'm almost done Niall just be patient," I said. I thought it was Niall because he's always hungry but when they whispered in my ear I realized it wasn't.

Zayn's p.o.v

"It's not Niall and I don't want sandwiches, I want you," I whispered in her ear. She turned around straight away. "What?" she asked. I had firm grip of her waist and pulled her in close to me. I kissed her. She was shocked at first but then she got into it. She tangled her hands in my hair and she bit my bottom lip begging for entrance. Her tongue was in my mouth and it danced with mine. The moment was perfect until Niall walked in.

Niall's p.o.v

I'm hungry. I wonder what's taking Emily so long. "I'm gonna go see if Emily's done," I said to the guys. I walked around looking for the kitchen. I finally found it and stood at the door, shocked at what I was seeing. Emily and Zayn were making out and it looked like it was gonna go further. "How long does it take to make some sandwiches? I'm starving!" I said. They pulled apart straight away and Emily blushed. "Just give me a few minutes, i'm almost done." I walked back to the living room.

Emily's p.o.v

"That was embarrassing," I said to Zayn as I continued making the sandwiches. He grabbed another knife and started to help me. "It's not, believe me. Niall's seen all of us in the middle of something with someone, if you get what I mean," he said. "Yeah," I replied. Even the thought of Zayn with someone else made me feel kind of sick. I know we're not even together but I really like him. We finished making the sandwiches and took them into the boys in the living room. There wasn't enough room on the couches so I sat on Zayn's lap. They left soon after and just as Zayn was walking out the door he pulled me over to the side. The rest of the boys had left so it was just us. He put his hands on either side of my face and kissed me again. When he pulled away he smiled at me and said "Do me a favor." "Ok." "Be mine?"


<You should let me love you, let me be the one to, give you everything you want and need>


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