You know the girl who always sits near the back, ignores the teacher, is a bit of a loner? Have you ever considered what it would be like? Lilia is that girl at the back, she didn't want to be that girl, she just is. She's that girl because she neglects the rest of the world. But at when she gets home and logs online, she becomes someone completely different.....


1. Science Rocks! Not.

My eyes are wide open, and it looks like I'm concentrating on the teacher. But I'm not, I'm planning on what I'm going to do when I get home tonight. My eyes focus for a second on Kayla and Charlie, the way his arms resting on her waist and she's looking into his eyes. What? I don't think about things like that! Get a grip! That's when I notice everyone's eyes on me. I look behind me, although I know there's just a wall. I point to my chest meekly, gulping at the attention.

"Lilia, would you care to enlighten us with an answer?" Mr Morely asked giving me a reproachful glance. I could feel myself going red. Not good.

"Erh..." I started.

"Shall I repeat the question Lilia?" Mr Morely asked folding his arms. I nodded hurriedly.

"Why does the product end with -ide, and not -ate?"

"Because -ide is when there's two elements and oxygen  is present and -ate is when there's only one other element to oxygen."

"That's right, so who can tell me...." With Mr Morely satisfied I began doodling in the margin of my science book. It was never marked. Soon, we had to get into partners. Oh great, my favourite part of the lesson. Note the huge amount of sarcasm. Luckily, we normally have an odd number of people so I get to work on my own but today Kim is off sick. So I get a partner

"Today, girls will pick boys!" Mr Morely smiled, taking a container off of his desk and putting it under Sophie's nose. She gingerly picked out a folded piece of paper and unfolded it.

"Jake." She said. Jake grabbed his bag and walked over to Sophie, his friends laughing behind him.

Adam goes with Lucy.

Tom goes with Izzy.

Sam goes with Regan.

Josh goes with Jenny.

Eddie goes with Rachel.

Royce goes with Rebecca.

Kayla slowly reaches out her tanned arm and dramatically lowers it into the container and pulls out a piece of paper. She unfolds it swiftly and her eyes widen in shock before she reads the name out in a drawn out voice.

"Albert" He's the nerdy guy in our class. Albert pushes the glasses up his nose and walks over to Kayla. She screws up her face and tosses her head, making her hair fly around in an arc.

It was my turn now, just me and Hannah left. Boys left: Charlie and Ross.

I reached in and took my paper out crushing it in my palm. I open it and look at the name. I freeze for a few seconds before handing it to Mr Morely. He rolls his eyes and reads it out for me.

"Charlie." I hear Hannah squeal that she gets to work with Ross. Hannah loves him, Ross, not so much.

Charlie comes over and sits in the empty chair. I make no attempt to talk to him or even acknowledge him. Once we're told to go and get our equipment, I get up and grab everything I can and chuck it on the table before Charlie can even get up.

We start setting up and soon we are ready to work. Charlie has this one way conversation going on, I don't think he likes to work in silence.

"Hey, do you want to time it, or should I?" he asked looking my way.

"Whatever." I say, dropping my head to I can't see him. You might have guessed, but I have a real big crush on him and being shy and quiet doesn't really help.

"Ok, you do it."

I was about to say whatever again but I stopped myself.

"Sure." And with that word, I think I felt a whole lot better.

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