My daddy

Hi my name is Darcy Marie..... Ready for it Styles, that's right. My dad is no other than Harry Styles. But there's just one problem, he doesn't know about me. For thirteen years of my life he hasn't even known of my existence. All because my Mom walked out on him when they got into a fight. She left and a week later she found out she was pregnant with me.She never told him. Why am I bringing this up? Well I'm going to meet my dad in two weeks. Why? Because he's the only thing I have left.


4. Let The Games Begin

Sorry if you were confused in the last chapter, that was Harry's POV

Darcy's POV
He believes me! I can't believe it I finally have my dad!

"Come with me to the tour bus, I want to get to know my daughter." Awwww I'm his daughter. Sorry I'm still in shock over the fact he believed me. "I want to get to know my Daddy." He put his arm around me and Megan walked behind us with the boys. When we got to the bus he sat us down on the couch in the back of the bus.

"So Darcy tell me about your self." "We'll Daddy what do you want to know?" "Everything!" "Like what?" "Like your favorite color, hobbies, stuff like that." "Well my favorite color is pink and I like to text, play volleyball and stalk my fathers band" "Really, you're a fan?" "Of course it's my uncles and Dads band. I've been stalking One Direction for years. Any other questions?" "If you don't mind me asking, why do you want to live with me? What makes it so hard at home with your mum?" I stayed quiet for a while trying to find a way to explain it with out crying. I don't want to cry the first day I meet my Dad.

"Well-" I was cut off when the front door of the bus came open. "Harry are you in here?" "Yeah babe I'm in the back!" Wait babe? What's going on? I gave my Dad a very confused look. But then I realized it was Taylor Swift. His new girlfriend. Crap. I really didn't like her, I guess just because he never looked happy with her, Dad never has given that glowing smile when he's with her. She came in with a big smile but that s ile faded when she saw me. "Harry who's this?" She sounded like she had absolute hatred for me already. Maybe they had something planned. "This is my daughter." She was shocked. She looked at me in disgust. When she saw Dad was looking at her she changed her facial expression to a smile.

"Hi sweetie what's your name?" "Darcy. "Well hi Darcy I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you." "Hi." I really had no interest in conversation with her. Dad walked out of the room and her mood changed once again.

"Listen here Darcy, if you think you're getting between what me and your 'Daddy' have you've got another thing coming. I bet you won't even last three days with me around." Oh no. She was not taking him away from me. I'm letting her no how it is. "Listen here Taylor. I haven't had my Dad in 13 years. And If you think you're getting between what I have with him YOU'VE got another thing coming. If your going to act like this you can take your little prissy attitude out the damn door because I won't have it." "Well lets just see who wins." Who the hell does she think she is?! Let the games begin!

I'm sorry if you're a haylor shipper it's just for the story, sorry if its offensive to you but please keep reading!Think you
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