My daddy

Hi my name is Darcy Marie..... Ready for it Styles, that's right. My dad is no other than Harry Styles. But there's just one problem, he doesn't know about me. For thirteen years of my life he hasn't even known of my existence. All because my Mom walked out on him when they got into a fight. She left and a week later she found out she was pregnant with me.She never told him. Why am I bringing this up? Well I'm going to meet my dad in two weeks. Why? Because he's the only thing I have left.


2. Daddy

Just two weeks until I see daddy. I'm so nervous. He's obviously not going to recognize me but its worth a shot. I'm netting him at a meet and greet, just two more weeks is all there is keeping me from my dad. "Darcy?" I zoned out again in class. "Yes Mrs Couch?" "Can you answer the question?" "Ummmm" "324" my friend Skylar whispered to me. "324" "good." And she went on teaching the class. "Thanks for saving my ass again sky I owe you." " I know how much you're on edge right now I'd be a bad friend if I didn't help you out." And the whole two weeks went on like that, zoning out in classes, not paying attention to my friends, day dreaming u til the day finally came. I was going to meet my dad in two hours. My friend Megan went with me because she's a big fan of my dads band and of course for my support. My mom finally agreed with me going and left a note for me to give to daddy so I have proof I'm his. I held onto the letter tight. This was the only proof I had what if he didn't believe me. I hope this works. I must have been shaking in my seat. "Darcy you alright? Everything will be okay you'll finally get to see your dad." I didn't say anything. I was too busy day dreaming, what will his reaction be? Is he going to blow me off? Or is he going to take me in his arms and say hell be there for me the rest of my life. Ugh god just two. Ore hours. If I fall asleep the moment will come faster.
"Meatball wake up." That's what Megan calls me. We're big fans of jersey Shore so we call each other snooki and deena. She's Deena and I'm Snooki. Well that doesn't matter now because I'm about to see my dad and my uncles in person for the first time. I jolted out of my seat and ran straight for the door to the building.there he was. 5 people in front of me was all that was keeping me from my family. When I finally walked up uncle Niall, or uncle Ni Ni as I call him greeted me with a warm smile. "What's your name love?" "Darcy." Daddy looked at me for a second but went back to talking to Meg. "What's your full name babe?" Uncle Li Li asked me. Yes I still called them names like I was only 4. "Darcy Styles." Daddy turned around and looked at me with pure shock in his emerald green eyes that match mine. "Yea you heard right. Styles. I know you're in shock but this is real and my mom is Tracy, the girl you dated a while ago. When you had a fight she left and a week later she found out she was having me. She never told you because she was afraid I would mess up your career. I know you probably don't believe me but I'm your daughter."
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