My daddy

Hi my name is Darcy Marie..... Ready for it Styles, that's right. My dad is no other than Harry Styles. But there's just one problem, he doesn't know about me. For thirteen years of my life he hasn't even known of my existence. All because my Mom walked out on him when they got into a fight. She left and a week later she found out she was pregnant with me.She never told him. Why am I bringing this up? Well I'm going to meet my dad in two weeks. Why? Because he's the only thing I have left.


8. Boys

After the meeting with Simon we decided to watch a movie and eat junk food to celebrate. We were watching Ted. If you've seen the unrated version you can see why I was uncomfortable watching it with my Dad and Uncles. I was eating gummy bears and texting Lucian while watching the movie.

Me: Hey
Lucian: Hey! How is it with your family?
Me: Great! I've only spent two days with them but I'm close to them already.
Lucian: I miss you.xx
Me: I miss you too. I hate not seeing you everyday
Lucian: I know. I miss your beautiful

Aww does he really like me?
Me: are you flirting?
Lucian: Maybe. Listen Darcy I've been thinking and I realized that you're the only one that's been there for me throughout everything I've been through. I finally realized you're the one I love. I love you Darcy.

Oh. My. God! I finally have what I've wanted for 2 years. I finally get the man of my dreams. I know I'm young but I think I've found my soulmate.

Me: I love you too Lucian.
Lucian: Will you be my girl?
Me: Yessssssss!!!!!!!! Didn't even have to ask. I have a feeling you knew the
"You really like him don't you?" It was daddy. He must have been reading the messages over my shoulder.
"Yea he makes me really happy."

I got a text message.

Lucian: make sure your dads okay with it first though. I don't want him to hate me.

I showed Daddy the text message.

"It's fine with me Darcy, as long as you're happy but if he hurts you, we might have a problem. I can't wait to meet him."

Me: haha Dad says its fine. As long as you're good to me he won't hate u. He'll love you. He said he wants to meet you as soon as possible.

Lucian: Well we have a week off of school for spring break next week, maybe I can meet u all
Me: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Dad says its okay. Well be in New York next week. Take a plane there and well pick u up. I can't wait to see u.First time seeing u as my boyfriend :)
Lucian: first time seeing u as my girlfriend. Babe I gtg take a shower. Text u tomorrow. Sweet dreams tonight. Love you.xx
Me: love you too.xx

"Alright Darcy, you should be getting to bed soon. It's 10:00."

I got in my Kermit the frog fuzzy pajamas and a zebra tank top. Who says you have to match when you go to bed?

"Darcy can I talk to you before you go to bed?"

"Sure Daddy what's up?"

" Darcy I know you really care about him I just don't want you to get hurt. I know how guys work. Trust me I used to be a player myself. And I know that some guys only want one thing. I'm just worried that's the only reason that Lucian asked you out tonight. If that's really what he wants promise me you'll tell me and say no. You're too young."

"Dad Lucian's not like that. I know many men are pigs trust me I've dated a couple but he never has been like that. I don't see why he would change now, but I'll tell you. I'm not keeping secrets from you. And I'll say no. I'm not stupid. I know I'm young and I know that I can get something from him or I could get pregnant. I promise."

"Good. You're growing up too fast for me. I just got my daughter two days ago and you're already dating. It won't be long before I have to give you away."

"Aww Dad, no matter what, if I get married if I'm dating, if I move out of the house I will always be your little princess."

"Good. Well you should be getting to bed now. Good night Princess. I love you." He kissed the top of my head and tucked me in.

"I love you too Daddy."

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