Lullaby of the fox

A boy is dying, his heart grows weaker everyday but only Red can save him...


6. Red's P.O.V-The end

I took Chris to my home the very next morning, he was stretching and running and laughing, we brought a copy of the paper and everybody greated Chris with open arms. I insisted that we went to a coffee shop and brought some donughts, all in all we had a good time.


When we got home, it was Chris who murmmered "wow".

I smiled at him, my family look up from their activities and bounded over to hug me, even hugging Chris.

"Too tight, too tight." weezed Chris.

"You're holding him too tight, let him breath for god's sake."

They let go and asked him LOADS of questions, we both awnsered truthfully and we had a good laugh playing games.


Now Chris lives with us but since Chris is now immortal along with the rest of my family. I guess we'll be cropping up again. To your eyes he'll now look eighteen, I'll still look nineteen to your eyes and so one story ends and another begins......

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