Lullaby of the fox

A boy is dying, his heart grows weaker everyday but only Red can save him...


2. Red's P.O.V-The doctors

I woke to the sound of Chris' strtled screams, screams of pure terror. I ran as fast as I would go at a relitivly human pace and burst into Chris' room. A doctor was trying to put a needle into the I.V line and two others were holding Chris down.

"Let Chris go." I snarled.

That caught them, they snapped their heads towards me and panice spread. They didn't know that I had escaped this morning and last night I was allowed to walk round the hospitale. Panic spread over their faces but the one with the drug was calm and collected.

"Let Chris go and this time is your final warning." I growled.

The one with the drug pushed the needle into the line all he needed to do was to push the sryinge. I lept at him, pulling the needle out and shifting in the air, my form became a fox but I was just a little bigger than your average fox. Chris' eyes widened in disbelife. My teeth were at the doctors throat. He knew I'd made my mark on Chris.

"Go, before any blood is shed." I whispered in his ear.

He got up and left, closing the door behind him, the other two on his tail. I relaxed the mucels pulling my lips up in a snarl and turned towards Chris. He was rubbing his eyes.


I shifted back and Chris just stared at me. It was not unusual to me.

"W-W-What are you Red?"

"I'm a fox-shifter Chris and I'm here to help you get better."...

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