Lullaby of the fox

A boy is dying, his heart grows weaker everyday but only Red can save him...


5. Chris' P.O.V-The truth

When I woke, Red still was sleep on my bed as a fox. I stroked her warm fur finding it was soft. A nurse walked in, clearly shocked by the fact a fox was on my bed.

"It's ok, this fox is tame, it's supposed to help me recover." I smiled.

She calmed down when I said that. The food trolley came along and I could almost smell that juicy full English breakfast under that cover. Red sniffed and gave me a small nod. I guess that ment it was real food.


I sat up straight and the nurse's mouth dropped open.

"You-You can sit up?!?"

"I feel stronger aswell."

A smile of joy spread across her face, she put the food on the table {making sure she don't hit Red} and pulled up the cover. Real food lay on the plate and needless to say I wolfed it down. She gave me another platefull and ran off to tell the doctors. Red had a little foxish smile stretched on her face.


The doctor came in and he said it was a miricale. My mum and dad had died in a car crash so they couldn't come but almost everybody in the hospitle came in to see me, even the children and their parents came.


They named me miricle boy and the press was brought in. I awnsered question after question after question. But I still went strong and soon my heart was at a normal pace, a perfect, healthy pace for a ten year old boy. When they all left at the closing time Red shifted back.


"I tell you now I thought they would never leave."

"Me to Red. Me to."


I dropped off the sleep as soon as Red had sung her lullaby...

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