Lullaby of the fox

A boy is dying, his heart grows weaker everyday but only Red can save him...


1. Chris' P.O.V-The lady

I watched the white walls as I lay in my bed. The I.V line pumping the liquid into my arm. I was dying and I knew it, the doctors thought they could help, I knew better. I was ill with a sickness nobody could cure. I knew that much.


A nurse walked in and put a meal of liquidised food in a bowl infront of me. I knew I was dying but I wanted to eat more than liquidised food, I was not and old man. I was only 10. I shoved it away and the nurse walked out, giving no indication of coming back what so ever.


I wish I had my MP3 player on me, I cold listen to music rather than the gurgles and screams of the other children in the ward. I often looked into the playroom and wished I could be in there with the other children my age but I wasn't allowed.


I saw a lady walk by and talk to the receptionist. She was a little taller than an adult but slim for her size. The lady signed some papers then walked into my room. Oh no, she was another one of those doctors who wanted to pretend they were giving my "medicene" but were trying to put me out of my misery.


My face washed with fear but the lady spoke with such a silky voice I was lulled into a safe place.

"What's your name little one?"


"Well Chris, everything will be O.K."

I panicked, that was what those doctors said, I started to struggle but the lady caught my hand. Her hand was pale and cold against my hot hands. I stopped struggleing, most of these doctors would try to stab to I.V line but this lady, she did not even through a glance at the line.

"Chris, I'm sorry if I frightened you but I heard some doctors were doing some nasty things to you so I'm going to stop it and get you some proper food for one." She frowned at my hand.

"Thank you miss, what is your name? Dr...."

She smiled "I'm a doctor but you can call me Red."


She talked to me and actually listened, genuine horror spread across her face when I told her about the doctors who tried to stab the I.V line. She stayed with me, even after visting hours. I knew the other doctors would come and I knew I was safe with Red.


My eyes started to close and Red whispered in my ear "Go to sleep Chris, tomorrow is a new day."


A fell asleep as soon as my eyes fully closed.....

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