Lullaby of the fox

A boy is dying, his heart grows weaker everyday but only Red can save him...


3. Chris' P.O.V-Red's lullaby

Red sat down next to me and extended her hand to me, I took it carefully. She started humming a tune and suddenly she was a fox, she jumped onto the bed and continued humming. I started to hear the words as she started to sing to the little tune she had been humming. It went like this:

Hush now baby do not cry,

I will sing you a lulla-by.

I will hold you in my arms,

and keep you from all harm.

{Hummimg the tune.}

Little cub do not fear,

let us dry those sorry tears.

You will one day say,

I shall show you all the way.

{Humming again}

Little child not start,

you shall grow stronger in your heart.

I shall see you every day,

and I will be there at the suns first rays.

{Humming the tune}

You will be stronger in my arms,

one day you will keep me from the harm.

Even those who don't obey,

will one day bow at your name.


Needless to say, I fell asleep at the last line of the beautifull lullaby that Red {as a fox} sang....

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