Can't Be Real

"When it comes to explaining love, I'm at a loss for words. It just comes to you, and when you feel it, you know its there. You'll know it when you see that certain person" -Harmony Cabello


1. Change of Plans

It all began that rainy day back in Washington. I thought, sighing at the thought. If I hadn't gone through with my so called best friend, then I could still be back home, writing about yet another of my strange fantasies with a celebrity. My mind pondered the possibilities of what I'd be doing if I hadn't ended up here, and they were endless. The idea that I'd have been a published author by now even entered my mind. I couldn't blame my parents, though. Even if it were their idea to send me here, it was my own problems that caused it. 

 To my great surprise, it was somewhat sunny outside today. As I slid the deep navy blue shades open, I eyed the outside world in a strange awe. Even if it had been 2 months since I had arrived at my Aunt's house, it was still a sight to see when I looked out the window. When I think back upon it, I always wanted to travel the world. I'd never have imagined my first trip to start out this way.

My cousins had been a nuisance since my arrival, and I slowly realized that I'd have to grow to live with them.  One of them was alright, but that was probably because she was one of the youngest. Mum said that I'd get along with them since they were girls, but boy was she wrong. We couldn't be any more different, and that's putting it lightly. My style was different, but that was to be expected having grown up in different countries. When I had first arrived, they didn't really accept the fact that I'd be staying for a while. They didn't open me with open arms, so to speak. 

"Harmony! Come downstairs I need to speak with you!" My Aunt called, her accent still ringing through the abnormally quiet air.

Obeying her orders, I exited my bedroom and hurried downstairs, locating where she was, in the kitchen. It wasn't all that surprising, she loved to cook. Since I got here I realized her and my mother were opposites. Mom had enjoyed more athletic things, like biking, cross country running, and softball. Auntie seems to like cooking, shopping, and reading Vogue magazine. My interests seemed to criss-cross with both of them. I loved to run. It was just an easy way to clear my mind, when I was out jogging. Shopping was also one of my interests, and I had the closet full of clothes to prove it. What I didn't have in common with either of them was writing. Whether it be in one of my notebooks, or on an online site, I adored it. When my feelings couldn't be expressed in any other way, the words would explode onto paper. 

"I have some news for you, darling. It's a bit of a....change" Aunt Johanna spoke, her tone cautious making me wary of what could possibly be happening.

"What do you mean, change?" I asked, choosing my words carefully, making sure not to use the wrong ones.  

"It's not a big difference, you'll only be living at a different house. You will no longer be staying with me" She said, and I thought about this for a moment.

"What?!" I demanded. "Why not? Where are you sending me off to? Haven't I been around enough in the past few months?" I was yelling now, and I noted to myself I needed to calm down. Taking a deep breath, I apologized for my outburst.

"I'm going to be in America for about a year, Lottie is going to be in an exchange program, and I'm staying there for the time being" She answered, already over the fact that I had screamed at her.

Typical Johanna, her manners always intact. Although she probably felt the urge to at times, she rarely ever yelled at me or the girls. 

"Where will I be staying?" I asked, at this point realizing that I'd no longer be in the comforting place I had just recently starting getting used to.

"With your older cousin, Louis. In London" She answered, and my mind began racing. 

I didn't even know I had an older cousin. At this point, I was surprised Johanna had any children older than me. She was younger than my mother, and that was pretty young.

"When will I be leaving?" I asked, again my mind wondering the thoughts of my relocation.

"I've been informed that your ride will be here at 18:00. I recommend you start packing" She smiled, and I hugged her before running back up the stairs.

This is a sudden change of plans, I thought, shaking my head.

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