Loved by who? (One Direction fanfic)

Brynn just moved to Ireland after a hard time with family and friends in America. Now she finds out that a certain boy band lives across the hall. What happens when memories with one of the boys from years ago hunts her or parties to hard well you'll just have to find out


7. Party Time

I didn’t notice but I must have been singing pretty loud Zayn must have tough someone else was singing and yell “Will you be quite please” I got out of the shower I saw Niall and Liam listening to a girl singing and she was good. She was singing little things and kiss you……wait that was what I was just singing. I slowly walked back to the bathroom and rewalked out of the bathroom this time the boys saw me and put the phone down “What were you listening to” I asked Harry “Nothing babe” “Babe??” “oh sorry” Zayn walked out of the bed room with some serious bed head “Nice hair how long it take you to do that” everyone laughed even Zayn gave a little laugh. “Hey so we were wondering if you and your friend wanted to come to are party tonight” “Sure I’ll go call her” I walked over and called her I was wearing  and she was wearing  May and I were walking around when this girl wearing ran into she had a thick irish accent and red hair then Niall came over girls “this is my cousin Bailey and this is Molly” a girl with brown hair came over wearing she was so adorable “Hi Molly and Bailey I’m Brynn and this is May” “Nice to meet you” Amber said she is so adorable we were hanging out with them. “so you guys want to go out on the dance floor” Bailey said egrarly “Sure” Call Me Maybe was on we had so much fun Niall and Harry came to dance with us during Gangnam Style and Good Time it was about  1:30am and molly looked like she was about to fall asleep so Niall and me took her to he’s room she was so cute Niall left but she wanted me to stay. She asked me to sing to her “What song would you like” “Something by the boys” I decided to sing Little Things

 Your hand fits in mine Like it’s made just for me But bear this in mind It was meant to be And I’m joining up the dots With the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me

I know you’ve never loved The crinkles by your eyes When you smile You’ve never loved Your stomach or your thighs The dimples in your back At the bottom of your spine But I’ll love them endlessly I won’t let these little things Slip out of my mouth But if I do It’s you Oh it’s you They add up to I’m in love with you And all these little things

You can't go to bed Without a cup of tea And maybe that’s the reason That you talk in your sleep And all ……………… She was asleep so I sat on the couch in he’s room and Just thought I left my little sisters behind they were so much like Molly and I miss my mother and little Max and aunt Vicky and Abby and my old dad before the drugs and beer I miss my old life my mom was to young……..

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