Loved by who? (One Direction fanfic)

Brynn just moved to Ireland after a hard time with family and friends in America. Now she finds out that a certain boy band lives across the hall. What happens when memories with one of the boys from years ago hunts her or parties to hard well you'll just have to find out


6. New BFF May Mcheath

I asked her with sandwich in my mouth “So what is your name” “May Mcheath what is yours” “Brynn

Carter do you have any siblings” “Yeah three my oldest sister Kat is 16 my brother Blake is 18

And my little sister Faith is 8” “Well maybe I can meet them one day” “Why wait there here with me

somewhere” we went looking for them. We found them looking for her “Kat Blake Faith this is my

friend Brynn” “May said the little one (guessing Faith) came over and gave me a hug “Hi nice to meet

you Brynn my name is Faith” “nice too meet you too Faith” I said her brother walked past “sup Brynn”

then kept walking Kat came over and said hi “Are you guys hungry I have turkey and chicken sandwich’s

I asked Faith yelled “Yes I’m Soooooo very hungry” “Would you like turkey or chicken” “Chicken I can’t

Have turkey” I handed  Faith her sandwich then looked at Kat “Would you like anything to eat” “No”

May asked if she could stay and play soccer/football me and her ran back only to find Niall looking for

Me “Hey Niall when did you get here” “5 minuets ago, you should really bring your phone with you

When you go somewhere” He laugh. May just stood there with her mouth opened “who is your friend”

Niall asked “uhh what now” me and Niall laughed and May continued just to stand there then said “I got

To go here is my number ring me if you want to hang out then she left “If she was like that when she

Met me I wonder what she would be like if she met all the boys” “Yeah she be standing there the whole

Time” We both started laughing again. When we got back to my apartment I walked in and there was

Water all over the floor “What the heck happened” Niall asked “I don’t know ever things wet ever thing

What am I gonna do” Me and Niall tried to save anything that wasn’t wet witch was my jean shorts and

And one t-shrit witch was blue and green. Niall went across the hall and got Liam “I have 2 questions for

You” “ok what” “1 do you know anything about this” “what” Niall opened the door “This” “0mg what

Happened here” “We don’t know” “whats the 2nd question” “Would you have a problem if Brynn stayed

With us while this gets fixed” “No why would I” Liam asked surprised Niall told me to go over to there

Apartment  Harry and Louis answered the door Louis looked at how wet I was an was all like “What

The heck happened to you, you are soaked” Harry was all like “Do you need to borrow some close”

“I don’t want to be a pain but that would be nice all my close got soaked and my whole apartment”

Harry went to go get me some close he gave me a big orange shirt with a cat on it and some bagy

Sweat pants Louis asked if “you need or want to take a shower” and I said “that would be nice” he

Showed me where the bathroom was and grabbed me a towel then left. I locked the door and got in



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